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Will Apple (AAPL) Stocks Make A Recovery This Week? While Apple (AAPL) is the largest company in the world, their business isn’t immune to mistakes. After a botched Spring Forward event last Monday, Apple (AAPL) stocks started to decline. Throughout the week, there were ups and downs as always; but for the most part, what … Read more

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Amarin (AMRN) Stocks Continue Climbing Following Analyst Upgrades Yesterday, Amarin (AMRN) stocks got a strong boost from an analyst upgrade. Yesterday, HC Wainwright announced that their analysts have upgraded the stock from a “Neutral” rating to a “Buy” rating. The most shocking part of the upgrade was where the analyst decided to move the target … Read more

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Acadia (ACAD) Stocks Are Down In A Big Way! “Surprise!” was the word of the day yesterday for Acadia (ACAD) stock holders as the company announced shocking news at the end of the day. Acadia (ACAD) announced that the CEO of the company has suddenly decided to retire; and that wasn’t all. Another shocking kick … Read more

Acadia Pharmaceuticals (ACAD) Stock Continues Falling

Yesterday, was a pretty eventful day for Acadia Pharmaceuticals (ACAD). After canceling investor meetings, there was quite a bit of speculation that Allergan (AGN) would be taking over Acadia Pharmaceuticals (ACAD). As a result, the value of the stock climbed throughout most of the day. However, toward the end of the day, the company announced … Read more

Acadia (ACAD) Stock Tanks | NDA Delay | CEO Retirement

Earlier today, I wrote about the fact that Acadia (ACAD) stock was rising high as investors speculated about a possible takeover by Allergan (AGN). The speculation was the result of delayed investor meetings and investors looking for reasons. However, it seems as though a reason has come to the table. Acadia (ACAD) announced that it … Read more

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Zogenix (ZGNX) Produces A Loss For Q4 And Sells Zohydro Zogenix (ZGNX) recently announced that in Q4, the company lost more than $20 million. Also Zogenix (ZGNX) announced that it would be selling its Zohydro ER business to Pernix Therapeutics (PTX). The sale price on the business is $100 million, with an added $283.5 million … Read more