Credit Score Fluctuations

Credit scores fluctuate on a monthly basis in some cases. Do not panic! Your credit score can go up or down for what appears to be no reason at all. There are a lot of changes happening right now with the credit reporting agencies. If you have not made any significant changes and your credit … Read more


Time is your friend and ally when it comes to credit scores. If you are young and just establishing credit, it actually works against you because a large part of your credit score depends on your history of payments. Short history…lower score. The FICO or VantageScore 3.0 system does not start at 850 and decrease … Read more


Ignoring your creditors is the second worst action you can take regarding your credit. Yes, it is an action. You toss their letters in the garbage. You do not answer the phone when they call. You delete their messages. These are all actions. The worst action you can take is to not pay your creditors … Read more

Credit Score Breakdown

In Back to Basics: What’s on my Credit Report, I detailed the types of items on your credit report. As a follow up, let’s breakdown what comprises your credit score. The credit scoring system, whether the credit bureau uses VantageScore 3.0, like TransUnion, or the long standing FICO, places importance on certain factors of your … Read more

Back to Basics: What’s On My Credit Report

Over the last couple months I’ve had several conversations with clients about what is on and what is not on their credit reports. Last week after eavesdropping on a conversation at the airport, I realized that some people are simply unaware what’s actually on their credit report. So let’s get back to basics. At the … Read more

CHANGE is COMING! | Credit Scores Man Speaks!

Change is coming and it’s positive! The Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, from the great state of New York has been working with the credit reporting agencies on an agreement that should be good for the more than 200 million credit users in America. This agreement by the 3 major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion … Read more

Is my spouse dragging my credit score down?

An inquisitive and avid reader, Robert, asked a great question in the comments section of last week’s article. His question, “If I have a 750 and I marry someone with a 550 does her low score affect mine once we merge?”  I answered, “No. And Yes.” This is a complicated question because there is nuance … Read more

To Increase, or Not to Increase, That is the Question-

“To be, or not to be…” is what William Shakespeare wrote in his play Hamlet. I ponder, “To increase, or not to increase?” Let me get to the point before you click to the next article. I am referring to increasing your credit limits. Requesting an increase in your credit line is a little known … Read more