Time is your friend and ally when it comes to credit scores. If you are young and just establishing credit, it actually works against you because a large part of your credit score depends on your history of payments. Short history…lower score. The FICO or VantageScore 3.0 system does not start at 850 and decrease … Read more


Ignoring your creditors is the second worst action you can take regarding your credit. Yes, it is an action. You toss their letters in the garbage. You do not answer the phone when they call. You delete their messages. These are all actions. The worst action you can take is to not pay your creditors … Read more

Credit Score Breakdown

In Back to Basics: What’s on my Credit Report, I detailed the types of items on your credit report. As a follow up, let’s breakdown what comprises your credit score. The credit scoring system, whether the credit bureau uses VantageScore 3.0, like TransUnion, or the long standing FICO, places importance on certain factors of your … Read more

Explaining U.S. Peer-to-Peer Lending (Part 1)

Ever since Lending Club’s wildly successful IPO in December of 2014, peer-to-peer lending has been thrust into the forefront of the financial world in regards to alternative lending options. Even though more and more people are becoming aware of this disruptive alternative lending option and financial experts often recommend p2p loans as a debt consolidation … Read more

Credit Swagger: What is it and Do I want it?

Credit Swagger by my definition is the absolute confidence that you have an excellent credit rating/score.  It’s gained by the knowledge that your score is so good that no banking institution would turn you down for a business loan, car, home, personal loan or credit card.  The higher your score, the greater your swagger.  You … Read more

Common Credit Score Myths You Shouldn’t Fall Prey To

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me today. Today, we’re going to be talking about credit scores. I’m going to start off with a quick rant… The Rant I’m so tired of people who know absolutely nothing about credit trying to give advice to people. Come on guys! Credit scores are the most important three digit … Read more