Memo To Inovio (INO) And Oncosec (ONCS): Investor Roadshows Are Dead

Zed’s dead, baby, Zed’s dead. And for the most part, so are those small-cap investor roadshows, who’s sponsor fill their prospective clients with the promise of analyst exposure and investor interest, only to find their stocks falling flat, despite the five digit expense paid to these so-called exposure specialists. Need first-hand proof, look at the … Read more

Adam Feuerstein To Cellceutix (CTIX) Stock, ”Thank You Sir, May I have Another…”

Time after time, I get persuaded to check out yet another one of Adam Feuersteins pseudo intellectual posts that take issue with any small biotech company working to develop innovative and cutting edge science. While I have often asked him to opine on the perennial penny stock, TST (his parent company), he seems to deflect … Read more