Genprex (GNPX) Stock: Reprogramming The Course Of Cancer

Genprex GNPX Stock News

THE INTRO GENPREX, INC. (NASDAQ: GNPX) which is honoring its mission to REPROGRAMMING THE COURSE OF CANCER, is a clinical stage gene therapy approach company developing potentially life-changing technologies for cancer patients, based upon a unique proprietary technology platform, including Genprex’s initial product candidate, Oncoprex™ immunogenic therapy for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).  Genprex’s novel … Read more

Hemispherx Biopharma (HEB) Stock Is Well Positioned For A Strong Future

Hemespherx BioPharma HEB Stock News

Hemispherx Biopharma (NYSEAMERICAN: HEB), a research and development biotechnology company, is grabbing the attention of the investing community, and for good reason. Not only does the company have revenue-generating products, but its flagship candidate, Ampligen, is showing incredible promise. What Is Hemispherx Biopharma? Headquartered in Ocala, Florida, Hemispherx Biopharma is a  research and development immuno-pharma … Read more

Galaxy Next Generation (GAXY) Stock: An Undervalued Play In A High Value Market

Galaxy Next Generation GAXY Stock News

Technology has led to the evolution of just about every process within our lives. From how we eat to how we commute, communicate, and even manage our finances, innovative technology has provided solutions to some of our largest challenges. This technological evolution is no more apparent than in the education sector. Today, a parent can … Read more

PeerLogix (LOGX): OTT Data Licensing Takes Center Stage

PeerLogix LOGX Stock News

As the ‘cord cutting’ phenomenon continues to grow, the OTT landscape has become crowded by up-and-coming OTT networks, newly minted streaming content distributors and major media companies interested in taking the OTT plunge. Digital media trade headlines are regularly filled with stories of investments, acquisitions and launches of new streaming content offerings. And, as in … Read more

Attis Industries (ATIS) Stock: Recent Developments Say It’s Highly Undervalued

Attis Industires ATIS Stock News

Early this year, we took a deep dive into Attis Industries (NASDAQ: ATIS), and even then, the company seemed to be impressive. With the ability to refine biomass into several high-value products in a way that’s more efficient than anything on the market, the company was hard to ignore. Now, just over a month later, … Read more

SANUWAVE (SNWV) Stock: It’s dermaPACE® Device, A Potential Blockbuster In The Making

Sanuwave SNWV Stock News

As investors, from time to time, we see a ticker that has risen dramatically over the years and think, “I wish I would have found that one a while back.” These companies come up with blockbuster products, often turning thousandaires into millionaires. SANUWAVE (OTC: SNWV) has the potential to be one of these companies. Trading … Read more

Trovagene (TROV) Stock: Providing New Cancer Treatment Options With Onvansertib

Trovagene TROV Stock News

We all know what cancer is. The debilitating, often life-threatening condition can be incredibly difficult to treat. As a result, new therapies are being developed in an effort to bring improved treatment options to patients, especially for some of the toughest-to-treat cancers. That’s where Trovagene (Nasdaq: TROV) comes in with their drug candidate, Onvansertib. Trovagene caught … Read more

PeerLogix (LOGX): Leveraging OTT/Streaming Data to Reunify a Fragmented TV Viewing Audience

PeerLogix LOGX Stock News

The world is changing quickly, with emerging technologies leading the way. Nowhere has this rapid change been more evident than in the way that we consume our favorite video content. The rapid migration away from linear TV, and toward streamed and on-demand content, has posed significant challenges for video advertisers as Cable networks continue to lose market share. PeerLogix (OTCQB: LOGX) is solving this problem with a … Read more

Galaxy Next Generation (GAXY) Stock: Leading The Way In Education Technology

Galaxy Next Generation GAXY Stock News

For several decades now, technological breakthroughs have led to changes in the way that we do just about everything. From investing to ordering food and communicating with friends, we can all think of ways that technological innovation has led to an improved process. One area where we’re seeing a large technological evolution at the moment is in the classroom. The … Read more