US Market Correction: Will The Market Sell Off Continue Next Week?

Friday was the worst day in quite some time for US markets. Declines on the day got so intense that it threw the Dow Jones Industrial Average into a full-blown correction. Now the question many are asking is “How long will declines continue?” Today we’ll take a look at the cause of the correction, what … Read more

Markets Testing Highs, Watching for Break

As of 11:33 A.M., EST the Dow Jones Industrial was down -2.57 points to 18,222.00 off its highs of 18,244.38 on 02/25/15. The S&P 500 was also down -1.33 points to 2,112.53. The NASDAQ is up +13.69 points to 4,980.82. And the NYSE is down -15.46 points resting just at 11,102.47. The DOW seems to … Read more