Today In Biotech: BG Medicine (BGMD), Enzon Pharmaceuticals (ENZN), MannKind Corporation (MNKD), Synergy Pharmaceuticals (SGYP)

BG Medicine Stock: Dilution Weighs Heavy BG Medicine, Inc. (NASDAQ: BGMD) BG medicine is having a rough day in the market after announcing the price of a public offering designed to raise funds in order to cover expenses for the launch of the first automated test for galectin-3. The offering consists of 2,315,654 series A … Read more

Today’s Biggest Gainers In Biotech | Enzon Pharmaceuticals (ENZN) | EnteroMedics (ETRM) | BG Medicine (BGMD) | Oncolytics Biotech (ONCY) | Dynavax Technologies (DVAX)

Today is proving to be a relatively strong day in biotech. So, I decided that I would look for some of the biggest gainers in the sector and why they are growing. Here’s what I’ve found… Enzon Pharmaceuticals Is Up As Investors Await Earnings Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: ENZN) Enzon Pharmaceuticals investors are having a … Read more

Biotech Stocks To Watch | Humana (HUM) | Enzon Pharmaceuticals (ENZN) | Oncolytics Biotech (ONCY)

Monday is proving to be a strong start to the week for many biotech investors. If you’re looking for strong gainers in the sector, here are three stocks that you may want to watch closely. Humana Stock Climbs On Acquisition By Aetna Humana Inc (NYSE: HUM) Humana announced on Friday that it had agreed to … Read more

Biotech Stocks Presenting Opportunity | ENZN | MNKD | GILD

So far today, the market has been a bit unforgiving. However, as we know as traders and investors, the market is a series of upward and downward movements; not every day can be a great day in the market. Nonetheless, when we have bad days like this, great opportunities tend to present themselves; and that’s … Read more

Enzon Pharmaceuticals (ENZN) Stock | Get Ready For Another Climb

Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: ENZN) Enzon Pharmaceuticals had a great week in the market last week. Unfortunately however, the stock is down today. Nonetheless, I’m not concerned. In all reality, I’m excited because chances are that we’re going to see another breakout relatively soon. To figure that out, all we have to do is look … Read more

Are the Pot Stocks Bottoming Out? Gearing Up For a Potential Big Run?

The Marijuana Sector has been undergoing and experiencing unprecedented change recently. The entire industry is experiencing a massive movement followed by support that is pushing towards full blown legalization. It is not a question that widespread support for the drug is rampant. And as we discussed on our blog at StockMarketMonitors.Com, support for Marijuana comes from … Read more

Enzon (ENZN) Stock Continues Rising | As Expected!

Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: ENZN) Enzon Pharmaceuticals stock has had a great week in the market this week. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the stock climbed! However, on Thursday, investors started to get concerned as the stock started to turn in the other direction. So, yesterday, I addressed the issue explaining that it was a … Read more

Enzon (ENZN) Pharmaceuticals Stock | More Growth To Come!

Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: ENZN) Enzon Pharmaceuticals stock has had an interesting week in the market. On Monday, the stock continued the slow and steady declines we saw Friday. However, on Tuesday, investors started to get interested and things started really picking up. On Wednesday, the uptrends continued; which led to what we’re seeing today….a … Read more

Enzon Pharmaceuticals (ENZN) Stock | Is Now The Time To Buy?

Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: ENZN) Enzon Pharmaceuticals stock is seeing a bit of a decline today. However, investor sentiment doesn’t seem to be matching what we’re seeing in the market. At least, that’s the case when you search social trading spaces like So, for a guy like me, this raises a huge question… Is … Read more