Markets Sitting Nice, ERBB Explodes Up Nearly 20% Eyeing Up .02 cents

Checking in on the market as of 10:31 A.M., we see the DOW is currently feeling nice gains up +55.39 points to 18,150.49. The S&P is higher as well, up +4.94 points sitting at 2,103.47. And the NASDAQ is higher as well, better by +23.09 points sitting just below 5K at 4,990.23. American markets appear to … Read more

Markets Playing Safe, Giving Back Some Gains

This week has certainly been historic so far as the DOW reached levels significantly higher than it’s previous all-time high. As of this morning, however, the DOW is down -124.45 points as of 11:12 A.M., EST. The S&P is lower as well, down -13.34 points. And the NASDAQ is lower as well, down -19.68 points. … Read more

American Green Inc., (OTC:ERBB) Drowns in Fresh 52-Week Lows

With all of the Pot Stock and Green Rush chatter, it’s kind of hard to ignore the Marijuana Investment Sector. As many are aware, Weed Stocks have made investors and traders big money over the past few years in particular. These stocks continue to remain a force to be reckoned with and investments that truly … Read more