Biotech Stock News (HZNP)(HPTX)(XON)(SRPT)(MDVN)(ALPMY)(AZN)

Horizon Pharma (NASDAQ:HZNP) Shares of Horizon Pharma ended the day up 18% on March 30, 2015 after the company announced that it would acquire Hyperion Therapeutics (NASDAQ:HPTX) for $955.7 million dollars. Although one thing to note is that this deal for $955.7 million dollars will be a mix of a cash and debt deal. The … Read more

Acadia (ACAD) Stock Tanks | NDA Delay | CEO Retirement

Earlier today, I wrote about the fact that Acadia (ACAD) stock was rising high as investors speculated about a possible takeover by Allergan (AGN). The speculation was the result of delayed investor meetings and investors looking for reasons. However, it seems as though a reason has come to the table. Acadia (ACAD) announced that it … Read more

Biotech Stock News (OREX) (ABBV) (PCYC) (GILD) (OHRP)

Orexigen Therapeutics (OREX) Shares of Orexigen Therapeutics were up 40% on 3/3/15 when the company announced that early safety data showed that Contrave was not only safe to take but in addition it was able to reduce a patient’s risk of generating cardiovascular health issues such as a heart-attack. Contrave was approved by the FDA … Read more

Orexigen (OREX) Stock Falling Hard As FDA Speaks Out

Recently we discussed an announcement made by Orexigen (OREX) bring heart benefits of their diet pill Contrave to the public. The story was simple. Orexigen (OREX) held a study to find out whether or not Contrave caused any increase in chances of heart attack and heart disease. Through the course of the study, the group … Read more

Orexigen (OREX) Stock Climbs | Diet Pill Has Hidden Heart Benefits

Recently, Terry Chrisomalis has started contributing articles in the BioTech space that really peaked my interest. So, I decided to go digging around in BioTech to see what all the buzz was about. That brought me to Orexigen (OREX). Orexigen Therapeutics is an American pharmaceutical company that recently discovered hidden heart benefits in the oddest … Read more

Exelixis (EXEL) Stocks | Will Upward Momentum Continue?

While Exelixis (EXEL) has struggled over the past few years, it finally seems like the stock is starting to keep long term price gains going. While the upward momentum started in December of 2014, the stock has grown at an astonishing rate throughout the past month. So, today we’ll talk about what’s causing the movement … Read more

Biotech News 2/16/15 to 2/20/15

Oncolytics Biotech (ONCY) Shares of Oncolytics gained about 36% on 2/17/15 when it had announced that the company received FDA Orphan Drug Designation status for its pancreatic cancer drug Reolysin. Reolysin is a variant of the ReoVirus which occurs naturally in the environment. Oncolytics has engineered Reolysin to multiply at an alarming rate inside of … Read more

Biotech News- 2/9/15 to 2/13/15

Achillion Pharmaceuticals (ACHN) Shares of Achillion gained 7% on 2/9/15 last week when it had announced that it had achieved a 100% SVR12 in a phase 2 trial treating patients with the genotype 1 version of the Hepatitis C virus — HCV. The trial tested for the primary objective of patients being able to achieve a … Read more