Is This The End of the Central Bank Put?

The idea of a Central Bank Put originated as the ‘Greenspan Put’ – and came into being after the Fed (under Greenspan) typically reacted to crises by lowering the Fed Funds rate and/or providing liquidity to markets. This in turn would calm markets hence participants came to the conclusion that whenever markets are in trouble … Read more

What does the break out of the US Dollar mean?

Following Friday’s ‘blockbuster’ jobs report on November 6th, 2015, the markets are finally coming around to taking the FED seriously once again. The Dollar Index had enjoyed a steady and a strong rally for the past 18 months, since July of 2014 as the Federal Reserve started to communicate to the markets its intention to wind down … Read more

Big News: The Fed, Debt Ceiling, and Physical Silver Premiums

Gold and silver spot prices lost ground to a strengthening U.S. dollar last week. The dollar enjoyed its best week in 5 months, as other major world currencies weakened. European central bankers are once again hinting at more stimulus, and the Chinese government cut interest rates for the 6th time in the past year. Federal … Read more

Don’t Be Fooled: A Stealth Bull Market in Gold and Silver Is Underway

What gold and silver investors want to know above all is when the bull market will resume. In a very real sense, it already has resumed. Futures market prices aside, evidence abounds that a raging bull market in physical precious metals is now underway. In the third quarter (ending September 30th), coin demand went through … Read more

Speaker Boehner Readies Final Sellout As Debt Ceiling Debacle Looms

It’s campaign season, and that means non-stop media coverage of candidate polls, quips, gaffes, tweets, emails, controversies, lies, and scandals. It all makes for a good soap opera. Unfortunately, it’s almost all irrelevant in the big picture. The media prefer to focus on the sideshow rather than the 800-pound gorilla in the room: the looming … Read more

China’s Secret Gold Hoarding Strategy

China’s recent stock market gyrations have some analysts now calling China the biggest bubble in history. But those who write off China because of market volatility are missing a more important long-term trend of Chinese geopolitical and monetary ascendancy. That trend shows no signs of abating. China’s leaders have a clever strategy, and Western financial … Read more

Will The Federal Reserve Raise Interest Rates : Yellen Sends Mixed Signals

One of the biggest conversations in the finance and investing space over the past year has been the Federal Reserve interest rate; and for good reason. The Federal Reserve has held interest rates at an all-time low for several years in an attempt to fuel economic momentum in the United States. However, after years of … Read more

U.S. Economy Slouches toward Recession as Eurozone Crisis Widens

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen may have missed her window of opportunity to raise interest rates. The economic data no longer paint a picture of even a tepid recovery. Since the start of the year, key indicators for the economy began pointing toward recession. Add to that the recent Eurozone chaos surrounding the Greek default … Read more

It’s A Big Week For Big Brand Earnings & The US Economy

This week is a huge week for major household brands as well as the United States economy. Recently, oil prices have begun to stabilize, positive economic data has been reported, and things seem to be going better than expected for the US economy. However, this week’s reports give us a close up of what to … Read more