10 Do’s and Don’ts for Forex Traders

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If you have an internet connection, a computer and a few hundred dollars to invest, you can begin trading on the foreign exchange market (Forex). Due to its low barriers of entry, Forex trading has become increasingly popular with many people. Traders can easily get started through providers like Easymarkets. However, despite its profitability potential, … Read more

The Resources that can help you to master the Forex Market

Recently, all eyes have been focused on the Eurozone in the financial market. This is due primarily to the continuing issues with Greece, which has once again come close to defaulting on its debts and been forced to negotiate a financial bailout package with the IMF and selected European creditors. This has created significant volatility … Read more

Stocks That Benefit From The Strong US Dollar

Recently, I’ve had quite a bit to say about the fast paced growth we’ve seen in the US economy. My biggest problem with growth at an unsustainable rate is that it tends to push the value of the dollar up; harming foreign trade in the process. While this is a real concern, I do want … Read more

Will The US Dollar Strengthen On Non-Farm Payroll Data?

Recently, we’ve seen all eyes on United States economic data. After all, strong data could mean higher interest rates very soon; while weak data could mean a troubling outlook for the United States economy. Nonetheless, the overall opinion seems to be that investors are expecting the non-farm payroll data to bring good news. Today we’ll … Read more