Time is your friend and ally when it comes to credit scores. If you are young and just establishing credit, it actually works against you because a large part of your credit score depends on your history of payments. Short history…lower score. The FICO or VantageScore 3.0 system does not start at 850 and decrease … Read more


Ignoring your creditors is the second worst action you can take regarding your credit. Yes, it is an action. You toss their letters in the garbage. You do not answer the phone when they call. You delete their messages. These are all actions. The worst action you can take is to not pay your creditors … Read more

Credit Score Breakdown

In Back to Basics: What’s on my Credit Report, I detailed the types of items on your credit report. As a follow up, let’s breakdown what comprises your credit score. The credit scoring system, whether the credit bureau uses VantageScore 3.0, like TransUnion, or the long standing FICO, places importance on certain factors of your … Read more

Are There Any Alternatives To Secured Credit Cards?

These days, credit is incredibly important, but you already know that. Another thing you probably already know is that secured credit cards can help improve bad credit scores. However, are they your only option? After all, not everyone wants to put a $300 security deposit down to use a credit card for improving credit scores, … Read more

The First Steps To Take When Repairing Credit Scores

Credit scores are so important these days. That’s something that we all know. With good credit scores, it’s much easier to be approved for loans, you get much better interest rates, and you’ll be able to earn rewards on credit cards. That’s aside from the fact that good credit scores will make renting a car … Read more