Will The Federal Reserve Raise Interest Rates : Yellen Sends Mixed Signals

One of the biggest conversations in the finance and investing space over the past year has been the Federal Reserve interest rate; and for good reason. The Federal Reserve has held interest rates at an all-time low for several years in an attempt to fuel economic momentum in the United States. However, after years of … Read more

3 Things: Correction, Interest Rate & Oil Prices

[“3 Things” is a weekly publication of ideas, usually contrarian, to provoke thoughtful discussions and decision-making processes. As a portfolio strategist, I am sharing things that I am considering with respect to current investment models and portfolio allocations. Please feel free to email   or tweet me   with your comments and ideas.] Stocks: Is It Over Yet? While yesterday’s … Read more

It’s A Big Week For Big Brand Earnings & The US Economy

This week is a huge week for major household brands as well as the United States economy. Recently, oil prices have begun to stabilize, positive economic data has been reported, and things seem to be going better than expected for the US economy. However, this week’s reports give us a close up of what to … Read more

US Non-Farm Payrolls Explode | US Dollar Gains On The News

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, US non-farm payroll data became available today; and as expected, employers hired steadily last month. According to the United States Labor Department, the United States added a seasonally adjusted total of 257,000 new jobs in the Month of January. Today, we’ll dig further into the data released in … Read more