Cronos (CRON) Stock: Leading The Cannabis Sector By Volume Today

Cronos Group Inc (NASDAQ: CRON) is having an overwhelmingly strong day in the market, leading the cannabis sector by volume. The gains are coming after a recent article published by Investor Place and syndicated on Yahoo! Finance created a buzz around the company’s newly-minted partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks. The partnership was minted on September 4, … Read more

Who Knew Dr. Pepper Snapple Group’s Returns Were This High?

Coca-Cola (KO) has a market cap of $172 billion.  PepsiCo’s (PEP) market cap is $136 billion. By comparison, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) is tiny.  The company has a market cap of ‘just’ $14.7 billion – less than one-tenth the size of Coca-Cola. Unlike its larger rivals, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group does not have a … Read more

Do Nothing Investing | KO, JNJ, WFC, AXP

“Assiduity is the ability to sit on your ass and do nothing until a great opportunities presents itself” – Charlie Munger Charlie Munger is Warren Buffett’s right-hand-man. Munger is known for his quotable investing wisdom. The above quote talks about not doing anything until a great opportunity presents itself. Once a great opportunity has presented … Read more

Stocks That Benefit From The Strong US Dollar

Recently, I’ve had quite a bit to say about the fast paced growth we’ve seen in the US economy. My biggest problem with growth at an unsustainable rate is that it tends to push the value of the dollar up; harming foreign trade in the process. While this is a real concern, I do want … Read more

Coca Cola North American Sales Are Up | Revenue Is Down

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Coca Cola’s fourth quarter report came out earlier today. Over the past year, Coca Cola has really been struggling as Americans are starting to choose more healthy beverage options. Ultimately, the company reported a major decline in Q4. On the bright side, the report was better than analysts expected. Today, … Read more