Kornit Digital: Recent Event Accelerates Risks

By Sonya Colberg, TheStreetSweeper Senior Editor TheStreetSweeper alerts investors to the latest negative event subsequent to our recent report on the massive risks facing Kornit Digital (NASDAQ:KRNT) – an event that suggests the stock should be trading below $5 per share. A top competitor, Italy-based Reggiani has been acquired by Electronics for Imaging for about … Read more

Kornit Digital: Inkjet Printer Company Attempting To Trade At 3-D Printer Valuation, Riddled With Risk

Israeli printer company Kornit Digital (KRNT), swung into the inkjet printing jungle as a $16 million acquisition that went public last April. In the shifting eyes of the market, it grew up almost overnight into a nearly half-a-billion dollar beast. But, with fangs bared, a snarling threat lies in wait for Kornit shareholders. The market … Read more