Markets Testing Highs, Watching for Break

As of 11:33 A.M., EST the Dow Jones Industrial was down -2.57 points to 18,222.00 off its highs of 18,244.38 on 02/25/15. The S&P 500 was also down -1.33 points to 2,112.53. The NASDAQ is up +13.69 points to 4,980.82. And the NYSE is down -15.46 points resting just at 11,102.47. The DOW seems to … Read more

Mid-Market Check-In with The King as S&P Slams All-Time Highs

Checking in Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at about 10:29 A.M., EST, markets are somewhat sluggish off their ever impressive highs that we’ve been clocking. Most recently, the S&P closed at 2,100.34 but not before tagging an intra-day All-Time high for the index of 2,101.30. Today, the S&P is giving back some -6.28 points to about … Read more

Mid-Market Check In | DOW Knocking at All-Time High

As of 11:39 A.M., EST, the DOW Jones Industrial was at 18021.54 up +33 points. The DOW hit its 52-week high on December 26, 2014 coming in at 18,103.45. Since then, the DOW has taken a drop off kissing the low 17K levels. Many investors feel the economy is showing very mixed indications, leading to … Read more