Markets Playing Safe, Giving Back Some Gains

This week has certainly been historic so far as the DOW reached levels significantly higher than it’s previous all-time high. As of this morning, however, the DOW is down -124.45 points as of 11:12 A.M., EST. The S&P is lower as well, down -13.34 points. And the NASDAQ is lower as well, down -19.68 points. … Read more

Wall Street’s Early 4th of July, Markets On Fire Highs

March Madness is upon us, BABY!!!!! And Wall Street is showing its excitement. Stocks and major indicies soared to historical heights yet again. The Dow Jones Industrial index is the best performer today up +121.47 points as of 10:53 A.M., EST here in the Big Apple. The DOW is currently sitting at 18,245.17. The S&P … Read more

Engineered Oil Crisis Claims More Victims

As the oil crisis continues, more and more major oil companies are really feeling the pain. Recently, low oil prices claimed another 9,000+ victims as the Royal Dutch oil giant, Shell, announced big budget cuts. So, how big are the budget cuts? How are they going to be scaled? Who are the victims? And, what’s … Read more