Salesforce.Com Is Not Being Sold

There has been enormous action in stock of Salesforce.Com (NASDAQ: CRM) this week, based on takeover rumors. Nothing is going to happen. Here is why my own “spidey sense” indicates. Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is interested in buying the company. Salesforce is a big customer for Oracle software and hardware. It is more successful in selling … Read more

Facebook (FB) Stock Falls As German Users Speak Out

Facebook (FB) stock fell sharply Friday morning as German consumers have started to join the fray surrounding online privacy. The largest consumer protection organization in Germany said that it would be sending a lawsuit Facebook’s way if the social media giant refused to change its terms of service. Today, we’ll talk about the massive changes … Read more

Apple Spending $2 Billion On European Data Centers

Has anyone noticed an influx in United States companies building data centers on European soil? Well, Apple (AAPL) is the next in line to do so. On Monday, Apple announced that they would be spending nearly $2 billion in order to build 2 massive data centers in Europe. Today, we’ll talk about why American companies … Read more