Wall Street’s Early 4th of July, Markets On Fire Highs

March Madness is upon us, BABY!!!!! And Wall Street is showing its excitement. Stocks and major indicies soared to historical heights yet again. The Dow Jones Industrial index is the best performer today up +121.47 points as of 10:53 A.M., EST here in the Big Apple. The DOW is currently sitting at 18,245.17. The S&P … Read more

Mid-Market Check-In with The King as S&P Slams All-Time Highs

Checking in Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at about 10:29 A.M., EST, markets are somewhat sluggish off their ever impressive highs that we’ve been clocking. Most recently, the S&P closed at 2,100.34 but not before tagging an intra-day All-Time high for the index of 2,101.30. Today, the S&P is giving back some -6.28 points to about … Read more