From Bullish to Neutral

I’m starting to see signs that market participants on Twitter are turning from bullish to neutral. This is the first sign of longer term weakness from the Twitter stream that I’ve seen since mid to late 2012. Before the strong rally that started in late 2012 it was common for 7 day momentum to stay … Read more

Move Over Hedge Funds, ETF’s Are Taking Over

Ease of use and open access, transparency, lower costs, and frankly better performance by ETF’s compared to hedge funds is causing a massive shift in the way small and more importantly large institutions invest. Early in May, the amount of funds in global ETF’s, which have only been around for just the past 22 years, … Read more

What is in Store for the S&P 500 (SPY) Going Forward?

SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (AMEX: SPY) As we are all quite aware from watching the news or reading any kind of blog or newspaper, we are unequivocally experiencing a period of great market volatility. Casual investors, professional traders and even people who don’t have money in the markets can’t ignore what we are experiencing … Read more


INTO THE TRADING WEEK, 13.04.15  via  YPT PREMIUM Last week was a tale of two U. S equity markets, YPT’s growth linked QNET-SHADOWLIST stocks that began a steath flight on Tuesday and roared for 3 days and the ‘BIG BLACK SHEEP’, which meandered on the 2015 flat line for those 3 days till finally making … Read more

U.S Equities – INTO THE “FOMC’ TRADING WEEK, 16.03.15

Halfway through March, S&P500 is flat on the year and in the middle of its upper/lower ranges winter home.  A range that is running into a 5th consecutive month. Hey, winter feels longer to Bostonians, so quit the complaining!. Seems the consensus sell side positive return for the S&P in ’15 might be a little behind the curve by the … Read more