Biotech Stock News (SYN) (CNAT)

Synthetic Biologics (NASDAQ:SYN) On February 3, 2016 shares of Synthetic Biologics fell by 14% after the company announced an update on the phase 2 clinical trial treating patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis — RRMS. The company’s drug used to treat these patients with RRMS is known as Trimesta. Both the clinical and MRI results of … Read more

Biotech Stock News (THLD) (BLUE) (SYN)

Threshold Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:THLD) On Monday December 7, 2015 shares of Threshold Pharmaceuticals fell 82% after the company announced the failure of two phase 3 clinical trials. The two phase 3 clinical trials were MAESTRO and TH-CR-406/SARC021. Each phase 3 trial was treating a different indication, but used the company’s drug Evofosfamide together with some type … Read more

Biotech Stock News (SYN) (ZFGN) (ARNA) (OREX) (VVUS)

Synthetic Biologics (NYSE:SYN) On Thursday December 3, 2015 Synthetic Biologics announced positive phase 2 results for the prevention of a bacterial infection known as C. difficile. The drug the company is using to combat against this bacterial infection is known as SYN-004. This drug was created for the purpose of clearing out IV fluid, such … Read more