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Tech Stock NewsI’ve got to be honest about something here. Tech is my favorite market to follow! It’s the most innovative, some times most volatile, and often times the most rewarding to invest in. With that being said, I’m going to start doing a couple Daily 5 posts. Today, we’ll talk about the 5 stocks in tech to watch and what we’ve seen in the market today as they close the week!

Apple (AAPL) Strong As Spring Forward Nears

Apple (AAPL) has been all over the press this week; and the big story has been the Spring forward event. Live streaming on Monday, Apple (AAPL) will announce their latest and greatest products. Most are expecting the Apple (AAPL) Watch to take center stage while the company also shows off advances in the MacBook Air, Apple (AAPL) TV, and iPad Pro. While Apple (AAPL) stocks were down a bit yesterday, the stock is in the green so far today. However, there has been a bit of a downtrend since 10:00. After making it’s way to $129.22, the company’s stock price has fallen back to $127.07 (1:58) and seems to be headed toward the red.

Outlook – If Apple (AAPL) stocks do close in the green today, it most likely won’t be by much. However, as the price gets lower the reasons to buy become more and more difficult to ignore. With Spring Forward just around the corner, we can expect a good increase in the price on Monday.

Facebook (FB) Stocks Are Down For The Second Day In A Row

After a decent climb earlier in the week, Facebook (FB) stocks have been following a downtrend for almost a full two days now. After declining quite a bit yesterday, the stock has already lost nearly a dollar per share and seems to be confused as to where to go from here (1:14). This just goes to show what several experts have been saying when they warn of price volatility dangers with Facebook (FB). Nonetheless, I still have faith in the company’s ability to growth and their plans moving forward.

Outlook – When it comes to Facebook (FB), we’re not only talking about the world’s largest social media outlet, we’re talking about a company that’s known for innovation and has solid plans to grow. So, I’m not too concerned about price volatility. I think the stock’s going up in the long run!

BlackBerry (BBRY) Stocks Are Gearing Up For A Rebound

BlackBerry (BBRY) is a very interesting stock to watch right now. While it’s been down pretty badly for most of the week, it seems as though the stock is gearing up for a strong rebound. The StockTwits stream is going crazy. While most of the investors have been screaming “Gear up it’s time to buy!” there are a few offering real reasons. One investor mentioned that someone’s been snatching up $11 options all day for pennies, others are placing the price target at $14 by April. All in all, it seems like it’s going to be a very exciting month for BlackBerry (BBRY).

Outlook – While BlackBerry (BBRY) isn’t having the best time in the stock market this week, investors are getting exciting. In the long run, I think this one’s probably gearing up for a strong bounce back.

Canadian Solar (CSIQ) Stocks Are Down, But Not Out

Canadian Solar (CSIQ) stocks gained quite a bit yesterday following a relatively strong earning report. However, today hasn’t been so great for the company. At the opening bell, the stock price dove, falling to well below yesterday’s close by 10:00. From there, it’s been a pretty volatile path with a downward trend for the most part. Currently, Canadian Solar (CSIQ) stocks are trading for $33.75 per share at 1:31.

Outlook – The solar industry is booming. Canadian Solar (CSIQ), First Solar, and SunPower all generated great earning reports, building even more excitement around the market. While the stock may have grown a bit too fast and we are seeing a correction today, I can’t count the company out!

Neonode (NEON) Ends A Relatively Strong Week

Neonode (NEON) had a great week in the market this week. After dealing with a bit of a headache on Monday, Tuesday was relatively flat. However, the growth started Wednesday; beginning momentum that would last through Thursday and the beginning of today. However, the momentum in the stock has slowed a bit toward the end of the trading day. Nonetheless, it should close in the green.

Outlook – While I’ve focused on this week above, I should mention that Neonode (NEON) has had an incredibly strong month and the momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With that said, I think the company’s stock will continue to rise through at least the coming week.

What Do You Think?

It looks to me like the tech market is going strong. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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