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Tech Stock NewsApple (AAPL) Stocks Struggle To Change The Tides

Throughout nearly the past month, Apple (AAPL) stocks have been on the decline; with a good portion of the fall happening between Monday and Wednesday following the botched Spring Forward event. While it seemed as though the stock was going to start a recovery yesterday, today’s news isn’t so bright. Apple (AAPL) stocks along with much of the tech industry are down today. Currently (1:13), the stock is trading at $123.26 after falling 0.96% so far today.

Outlook – While Apple (AAPL) stocks have been struggling for several weeks at this point, I still have faith in the strength of the company and the intelligence of its employees. While any stock is going to have it’s ups and downs, this one is one that in my opinion that shows real promise for long term growth.

BlackBerry (BBRY) Stocks Lost Momentum Today

Following a controversial downgrade from Goldman Sachs earlier this week, BlackBerry (BBRY) stocks fell hard Monday and Tuesday. However, it seems as though investors started to look past the unwarranted downgrade and forward to growth as the stock has been rising steadily over the past two days. However, following what looks to be the majority of tech stocks, BlackBerry (BBRY) is in the red today. Currently (1:23), the stock is trading at $9.70 per share after falling 2.27% so far today.

Outlook – It seems as though the entire tech market is hurting today; even great companies are victims of the downtrend. With that said, I still think BlackBerry (BBRY) is a great company with huge potential for growth; So, I’m not too concerned about today’s blip on the charts!

Plug Power (PLUG) Stock Struggles To Gain Upward Momentum

While investors eagerly await the Plug Power (PLUG) earnings report (Scheduled for release on Tuesday, March 17th), the company’s stock seems confused as to where to go today. While there was a bit of upward growth in morning trading that brought the stock nearly to the break even point, the afternoon hasn’t been so kind. At around 11:30, the stock started to fall, and has continued on a volatile path since. Currently (1:31), Plug Power (PLUG) stocks are trading at $2.76 per share after losing 0.72% so far today.

Outlook – While Plug Power (PLUG) stocks have had a rough time lately, I think things will turn around following the release of the company’s earning report. Analysts are expecting great things and investors are waiting to see if those expectations come to fruition.

Neonode (NEON) Stock Continues To Fall Following Poor Earnings

Neonode (NEON) stock recently posted its earnings report for the fourth quarter and entire year of 2014. In the fourth quarter, the company lost $0.08 per share. Investors were less than pleased to say the least as the stock price fell. Today, that downtrend continues. However, it’s possible that the continuation of the downtrend is being made worse by the overall bearish sentiment in the tech market as a whole today. Currently (1:38), the stock is trading at $2.71 per share after losing 7.19% so far today.

Outlook – As with most long term investors, I’m most comfortable putting my money into companies that are known for producing a profit quarter after quarter. Unfortunately, Neonode (NEON) simply isn’t one of those companies.

Facebook (FB) Stock Is Struggling | Is Insider Selling To Blame?

Facebook (FB) stock is another one of the tech giants that’s having an incredibly hard time today. However, there may be more to the Facebook (FB) downtrend than the negative overall sentiment in the tech market. Recently, news broke of insider selling within the company. Apparently, the company’s vice president has recently sold $1,954,500 in Facebook (FB) stocks. While insiders of any company are known to make moves from time to time, this one is a bit bigger than usual. No matter what the cause is, the stock is continuing its landslide that seems like it will last to the closing bell. Currently (12:47), Facebook (FB) is trading at $77.99 per share after losing 1.19% so far today.

Outlook – While Facebook (FB) stocks have lost a bit of value so far this month, and insider selling is a slight concern, my overall outlook of Facebook (FB) is still positive. The company is incredibly strong, innovative, and slated for long term growth.

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  1. hi josh
    check this report:
    on p29 about zForce “Incentives for using Neonode technology are among others (Mårtensson 2012):
     The low price – The zForce is marketed as an affordable technology. In quantities over one million units, a price of 1 USD per screen-inch is feasible.
     The low energy consumption – zForce outperforms capacitive displays and many other solutions when it comes to energy consumption. At 100 Hz one unit is at 1 mW.
     High speed and precision – Scanning speeds of up to 1000 Hz are possible.
     Short turnaround time and low technical risks – the Neonode solutions are not mechanically complicated and are based on well tested infrared technology.
    These incentives suggest that Neonode’s technology is competitive mainly when it comes to price, but also in performance and from the standpoint of ecological sustainablilty.


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