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Tech Stocks TodayBlackBerry (BBRY) Stock Continues On Declines

BlackBerry (BBRY) stocks had a rough time in the market last week as the result of what I believe to be an unfounded downgrade by Goldman Sachs. Nonetheless, BlackBerry (BBRY) stocks plummeted Monday and Tuesday. However, it looked as though investors started to do their own research and look past what Goldman Sachs had to say as BlackBerry (BBRY) started moving in the positive position Wednesday and Thursday. Then, on Friday the momentum died; BlackBerry (BBRY) stocks fell along with much of the tech market. Today, it’s more ups and downs, after strong trends in morning trading, BlackBerry (BBRY) stocks started to decline after hitting a morning peak at 9:45. Currently (2.23), the stock is trading at $9.68 per share after losing 1.33% so far today.

Outlook – In my personal opinion, BlackBerry (BBRY) is a great company and just about everything the analyst used as an excuse for the Goldman Sachs downgrade can be easily discredited through a bit of research. With that said, I think the downtrends we’re seeing currently are a great opportunity to get in the door cheap and experience long-term growth.

Plug Power (PLUG) Stocks Fall As Investors Anticipate Earnings

The talk of the town when it comes to Plug Power (PLUG) today is earnings. The company is expected to release it’s earnings report before the opening bell tomorrow and the anticipation is proving to be too much for investors. While there are mixed feelings among experts at the moment with regard to what we can expect from the Plug Power (PLUG) earnings report, I’m expecting to see positive data overall. Currently (2:27), Plug Power (PLUG) stocks are trading for $2.73 per share after falling 4.55% so far today.

Outlook – Plug Power (PLUG) stocks aren’t having the best day today, that’s a give in. However, I’m on the optimists side of the equation. With that said, I expect the earnings report released by Plug Power (PLUG) to beat analyst expectations; leading to uptrends!

Himax Technologies (HIMX) Stocks Are Feeling The Pain Today

Along with what seems to be like the majority of tech today, Himax Technologies (HIMX) stocks are feeling the pain. Upon preliminary research, there didn’t seem to be much bad news revolving directly around the company. What I think we’re seeing here is overall declines due to investor anticipation of the result of the Federal Reserve’s upcoming meeting. For more info on why that meeting is so important, click here!

Outlook – Although Himax has had a bit of a tough year, it may be time for the company to start to shine again. Now, I wouldn’t suggest buying the stock just yet, but it’s definitely one that’s well worth watching.

Facebook (FB) Stocks Are Falling Today As Well

Along with what seems to be the rest of the tech market Facebook (FB) stocks are falling today as well. However, when it comes to Facebook (FB), we’re seeing a bit more positive movement than in the tech market as a whole. Nonetheless, the stock is down; currently (2:41) trading at $77.99 after losing 0.08% so far today.

Outlook – I have incredibly positive expectations for Facebook (FB) this week. While we may see declines as investors anticipate a statement from the Federal Reserve, I think that the stock will end the week in the green overall.

MicroVision (MVIS) Stocks Climb On Huge New Order

MicroVision (MVIS) stocks are up in a big way today after receiving an order for $14.5 million worth of components. So far (2:44) the stock has climbed to $3.27 per share, up 19.23% from yesterday’s close.

Outlook – This one’s easy! Big orders mean big dollars and big dollars make happy investors. So, MicroVision (MVIS) stocks definitely should climb throughout the week.

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