Tesla Motors (TSLA) Stock: Here’s Why It’s Climbing!


Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA)

Tesla Motors started today off just like any other day. However, over the past 15 minutes or so, the stock has been skyrocketing. Here’s what we’re seeing in the market, why it’s happening, and what could be next for TSLA.

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What We’re Seeing From TSLA

As mentioned above, Tesla Motors was off to a normal day until about 15 minutes ago. The stock started to climb substantially after a tweet from Elon Musk. We’ll get to that tweet shortly. Nonetheless, at the moment (1:48), TSLA is trading at $204.46 per share after a gain of $5.36 per share (2.69%), and looks to be continuing upward!

Why We’re Seeing The Gains

The reason for the gains is relatively simple. A few minutes ago, Elon Musk took to Twitter to let investors know that a call would be held shortly. In a tweet that went out at 1:29 today, Musk had the following to offer for TSLA Investors:

Tesla announcement goes live at 5pm California time. 30 minutes of media Q&A to follow.

To see the original tweet, click here!

This is big news, as investors have been a bit concerned about delays to deliveries of the Model 3 that should be happening in 2017.

What’s Next?

Tesla has already commented on reported delays, saying that deliveries are still on track to take place in 2017. However, investors will be watching the TSLA announcement closely, anyway, for more clues with regard to the model 3. Any insinuation of a possible delay could send the stock tumbling while further validation that delays are not coming will likely send the stock climbing!

Ultimately, we’re likely to continue seeing gains until the announcement. However, what happens after that will all depend on how the announcement goes. So, keep your eyes peeled for news surrounding TSLA. We’ll do the same!

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