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Tech Stock NewsThis week is going to be an exciting one for the tech junkies like myself. To get things rolling, we’ve got Spring forward in just a few hours and quite a bit going on elsewhere in tech. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Apple (AAPL) Stock To Start Strong With Spring Forward

Today is the day of Apple’s Spring forward event. I’ve been looking forward to the event since news first broke of it, as I’m sure many of you have been. That day is today. Apple (AAPL) enthusiasts are expecting details about the Apple (AAPL) watch, an upgrade to the Apple (AAPL) TV, iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro, and much more. No matter what Tim Cook has up his sleeve, we’re sure to see a great start to the week from this stock. I’ll be bringing you details on Spring forward live as I watch the event!

Outlook – Considering that Apple (AAPL) stocks always do well around product launches, this week should be great for the tech giant. Unless Spring forward is an absolute bust, Apple (AAPL) should be on the rise this week.

Goldman Sachs Downgrades BlackBerry (BBRY) To Sell

The Stock Twits stream for BlackBerry (BBRY) is going crazy today as Goldman Sachs downgrades the stock to a sell with a target price of $9. This comes amid a week long slump in BlackBerry (BBRY) stock prices as investors eagerly anticipate a bounce back. While there hasn’t been anything released (that I could find) which explains reasoning fro the downgrade, the overall idea in the Stock Twits stream is that Goldman Sachs was not honest in this downgrade and did this to protect shorts. Nonetheless, I’m sure the reason for the downgrade will come out at some point today; and when it does, I’ll be sure to let you know what it is.

Outlook – As we can expect when any stock is downgraded, I’d expect to see the day start off with a bit of a sell frenzy on the BlackBerry (BBRY) side. Nonetheless, I do have faith in the company and I don’t think the sell-off will last too utterly long. However, BlackBerry (BBRY) will most likely close this week out in the red.

Plug Power (PLUG) Struggles To Gain Momentum

The past week has been a tough week on Plug Power (PLUG) as the company has struggled to gain momentum in the stock market. Overall, the last month is still in the green, but not by much. The downtrend started as news began to break that the company has delayed with regard to filing its annual report. I’ll keep you updated as the Plug Power (PLUG) story unfolds.

Outlook – I’m not sure I would pump my own money into this one; so, I couldn’t tell you to do so. Any company that delays filing an annual report can be a danger. I think it may be best to hold off on this one until we hear why the report was delayed and what’s going on.

Facebook (FB) Stocks Are Gearing Up For A Comeback

Facebook (FB) stocks closed out the week on a relatively weak note as with much of the United States market. Much of the downtrends can be blamed on positive economic data sparking fear that the Federal Reserve will prematurely increase interest rates. Nonetheless, we’ve had a weekend for this fear to die down and Facebook (FB) stocks are ready for a come back.

Outlook – As mentioned above, I believe that Facebook (FB) stocks are gearing up for a bounce back. We should see healthy growth throughout the week.

Google (GOOG) Is Getting Ready For Something Big As Well

Throughout the year 2014, Google’s spending was admittedly up by a great amount, they also increased their work force by 22% in the year. These were some of the reasons that the fourth quarter earning report wasn’t as great as expected. Nonetheless, Google (GOOG) stated that they plan to curb spending in the coming year which kept investors interested in the stock. Google (GOOG) was up last week, but ended the week on a downtrend.

Outlook – Google (GOOG), like Amazon is a company that I love, but a stock that I wouldn’t personally touch. Unfortunately, unfounded excitement about the company seems to have pushed the stock price much higher than it should be. So, I would expect this one to fall a bit throughout the coming weeks.

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