Tips to Save Money on Dating


Dating often involves spending a lot of money on entertainment and dinners out.  You don’t always have to spend full retail on entertainment. There are discounts available and, of course, staying in is also an option. Get creative and take advantage of free entertainment options and attractions in the local area too. These options help you stay active and not sitting around staring at the walls.

Use Groupon and Discount Deals

Groupon offers a variety of discounts from entertainment to attractions. There are meal and restaurant discounts available as well. This helps promote local businesses and offer consumers better pricing to enjoy more activities. It is ideal to follow local entertainment and dining establishments on social media. They will often post specials and promotional pricing that only their followers can take advantage of. These deals are another opportunity for a low-cost date.

Stay in for Date Night

There is nothing wrong with staying in. Make dinner together and watch movies. This is time well spent together that helps build a stronger bond between a couple. The idea behind this type of date is that it costs very little and you can still enjoy the evening together. Plan for a fun dessert and consider creating a new cocktail together to enjoy later in the evening.

Take Advantage of Special Pricing

Anytime you see admissions to entertainment locations and discount pricing on fun attractions, take advantage of it. There is nothing wrong with only attending events when discounts are available. It is not being cheap; it’s just being financially responsible. Using the discount also allows for a meal and perhaps coffee or another stop before calling it a day.  To find discount pricing, visit the websites of favorite locations and sign up for email alerts. You’ll be notified before the general public about special or promotional pricing opportunities for upcoming events.

Making a great date night doesn’t have to break the bank. Find out what the person you’re dating likes and find alternative options within the same category but at a lower price. Also consider making suggestions for free events, even if it is something new to both of you. The benefit is that if you don’t enjoy yourselves at the event, it wasn’t money wasted. You don’t always have to use discounts, but use them as often as possible. Put the money saved aside for a special date or gift, or just save it for a spontaneous date opportunity.

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  1. Another suggestion – double dates! My boyfriend and I love to host potluck dinner parties where each couple brings their own dish to share. We also host couple boardgame nights – Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary, Scattergories are some of our favourite 2+ player games.

  2. I agree with Will start out with being selective and plan out the date. One of the best dates I had was just walking for a couple of hours through a Wine and Art Festival in a neighboring city. The cost of the smoothie was $5. It led to a second date. Many creative ways to enjoy the outdoors and activities.

  3. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Googling “free things to do in City X” – there’s almost always something happening or coming up soon, even if you live in pretty small towns. A lot of that stuff can be a lot of fun. I recently found a free roller skating rink in Brooklyn by doing that.


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