Today In Biotech: iBio (IBIO), Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO), Novavax (NVAX), MannKind (MNKD)


iBio Climbs On US Patent Approval


iBio is having an incredible day in the market today after announcing that it has received a notice from the US patent office with regard to its application for a monoclonal antibody designed to target influenza. According to the announcement, the new patent will become effective as of August 26th. As a result of the news, investors are having a field day with IBIO. Currently (1:47), the stock is trading at $0.82 per share after a gain of 34.40% so far today. Considering the reason for the gains, I don’t see this thing falling any time soon. We may see a slight correction from highs before more upward momentum, but I’m expecting to see bullish activity over all. With that said, keep your eyes on IBIO as it’s likely to generate several opportunities for strong profits in the future!

Novavax Enjoys Gains After Strong Phase 2 Trial Data

Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVAX)

Novavax is also having an incredible day in the market. Today, the company released data from its Phase 2 clinical trial looking into its RSV F-protein recombinant nanoparticle vaccine candidate and its effectiveness in adults age 60 and older. The data from the study met all primary and secondary endpoints; showing that RSV-F was well-tolerated and effective. Following the announcement of the data, NVAX saw massive gains in the market. Currently (1:59), the stock is trading at $13.80 per share after a gain of 23.28% so far today. This is another stock that considering the reason for gains today, I’m expecting to see more growth from. The reality is that investors have a reason to be excited; and while we may see a slight decline tomorrow bringing it down from highs, I think the trend is going to be upward overall in the foreseeable future. So, keep your eyes on this one as well as it’s likely to offer solid opportunities.

Inovio Is Down But Real Bulls Aren’t Worried

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: INO)

Inovio Pharmaceuticals is having a rough day in the market. However, if you look into the stock, it’s easy to see why INO bulls aren’t concerned in the least. Yesterday, the stock saw massive gains after the company beat earnings expectations and announced a deal with MedImmune that could yield more than $700 million as well as royalties. However, today the stock is declining. Nonetheless, in an situation like this, it’s important to remember that price movements in the market happen through a series of overreactions. So, the massive gains yesterday were the result of an overreaction to the overwhelmingly positive news. Therefore, the declines today are simply a slight correction; bringing the stock down to a more sustainable rate before growth continues. Currently (2:05), INO is trading at $7.80 per share after a loss of 4.76% so far today. Nonetheless, it may be a good time to consider getting in before gains ramp up yet again.

MannKind Corporation Working To Ward Off Bears

MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD)

Yesterday was an incredible day for MannKind with regard to fundamentals. Not only did the company beat earnings expectations, they also announced the appointment of a new, highly qualified CMO. Another main piece of information that came yesterday was the fact that the company is getting close to regulatory approval in Europe for Afrezza. However, the bears seem to be keeping this one down; for now that is. Currently (2:08), MNKD is trading at $4.08 per share after a slight gain of 1.11% so far today. Nonetheless, I think that the bears are getting close to losing their grip and that we are likely to see big gains just around the corner. So, this is another one to keep an eye on for future opportunities.

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