Trade Ideas Review: A Deep Dive Into What They Have To Offer

Trade Ideas is a stock trader’s dream, offering real time data, alerts, and interactive AI through its virtual stock discovery engine, Holly.

I was specifically impressed with Holly. She watches, identifies, and scores more information about stocks in a single day than most investors can screen in an entire year. While Holly offers investors a quick and easy way to have winning trades delivered to them on a regular basis, Trade Ideas offers far more in available trading tools for the active investor.

In reviewing Trade Ideas, I found three tools that can be extensively helpful for either the novice or professional trader. Utilizing the strength of Trade Ideas’ multiple platforms designed to take the guesswork out of trading, investors are provided real time data, expertly screened and ready to act upon.

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I went live to review several of the available platforms, and in this review, I’ll cover three of my top trading platforms for real-time traders.

“Trade Of The Week”

Let Trade Ideas take the guess work out of your trading decisions by providing fully screened stock analysis that obliterates all of the nonsense in the market and provides investors with real-time trading options delivered right to their in-box. This is especially useful for traders that like to remain active in the market but do not have the time to perform their own due diligence before trading a stock. The information provided by Trade Ideas is reliable, dependable, and consistent, providing investors the confidence they need when investing their capital.

I liked the fact that I received the trade set up weekly, complete with charts that showed exactly how the trade was set up and what indicators led to that decision, allowing me to learn while at the same time having data handed directly to me. From there, I can take the information and learn how to identify stocks on my own, recognizing set ups and chart variances that can allow you to quickly spot ripe investment opportunities.

Your Trade Of The Week includes:

  • stock picks sent right to your in-box
  • different stock trading set-ups that allow you to identify a multitude of trade ideas
  • full rationale and explanation for each set-up and trade
  • tools that allow you to identify and act on breaking trades as they happen

Use The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

This may be one of the coolest platforms on the market. Holly, the A.I. assistant, does all of the screening for me. I simply log into the site, click on Holly, and take her advice that is based on extensive algorithms, stock screens, and trading scenarios. Utilizing Holly can save me literally hours of research time, keeping trade ideas fresh and current.

Let the A.I. powered assistant do your stock screening, whereby Holly performs dozens of different investment algorithms that are subjected to over a million trading scenarios overnight to arrive at a subset of trade ideas that have the highest probability for success in the next market session. The virtual assistant offers stop and profit target parameters, which are automatically assigned for every new trade. The power of A.I. is a fantastic tool for both novices and veterans of the trade, saving hours of research time.

Alert Windows

This is probably my favorite tool on the Trade Ideas platform. Alert Windows provided me real-time data, specifically designed to my own trading profile, and funnels all of the data compiled from my filters to provide an instantaneous trading decision to ensure that the goal of my trade was appropriately managed. For traders like me, who are constantly looking for fresh ideas or who lack the discipline to execute trades according to a specified strategy, Alert Windows will provide the perfect compliment to your trading day. Stream and display events as they happen in real-time based on the alerts and filters selected. Design graphically rich columns to your particular specifications and see multiple time frames at a single glance.

Trade Ideas offers a plethora of trading platforms, each having enormous strength in providing the active investor with real-time trading advice and tools. When time is money, I especially liked the Alert Windows and the Weekly Trade Of The Week. Both provided the data I needed, fully screened and analyzed to provide me with a viable and reliable trading strategy.

Trade Ideas will be a fantastic addition to any trader’s portfolio of products, and by streamlining a Trade Ideas program that is custom tailored to your own specifications, the trade ideas generated are limitless.

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