Troika Media (TRKA) Stock Helps Transform LCS

Troika Media Group (NASDAQ: TRKA) is gearing up for a strong day in the market today after the company announced that it has teamed up with Devlin Design Group to create a new broadcast experience for the League Championship Series, also known as LCS. 

Here’s what’s going on:

TRKA Announces LCS Campaign

In the press release, Troika Media announced that it will be working with Devlin Design Group to create a new broadcast experience from the LCS, which is the largest professional esports league in North America for the world’s most watched esport, League of Legends. 

The new look includes state-of-the-art graphics and set design, which includes the construction of a new set complete with the State Farm Analyst Desk and leading edge display technology which is designed to seamlessly convey tournament and match information, LCS branding, and paid sponsorships in a versatile environment. Moreover, the dynamic stage will allow LCS expert analysts to easily move between and interact with different staging areas for a more engaging broadcast presentation. 

Troika Media Group went on to explain that the goal of the project was to bring competitive gaming and the fan experience to a new level for esports fans, and signal a page turned for the LCS. 

The set graphics were designed to give LCS expert analysts an array of weapons in their arsenal for presenting compelling tournament and match information. This includes more than 4,100 square feet of display technology spread across a variety of presentation areas. 

The company said that LED walls give the broadcast a dynamic feel and let analysts interact and move easily between different venues, with more intimate areas carved out for discussions and interviews. 

Management Commentary

In a statement, Justin Restaino, Creative Technology Producer for the LCS, had the following to offer:

We’re so excited to finally be able to share this new design and State Farm Analyst Desk with our fans. It’s beautiful and perfectly captures the spirit and new branding of the LCS, but it also achieves the flexibility and function needed for both in-person and remote broadcasts, as we gradually ease back into live events.

The statement above was followed up by Josh Lynne, Creative Director at TRKA. Here’s what he had to offer:

Esports fans are a very avid community. To meet their needs, we built a package that delivers on different viewing experiences—a scalable system that has emotional and informational range, allows focus to be placed on any of the brand drivers, and celebrates the individual player, team or league as needed.

Finally, Kartik Dakshinomoorthy, DDG’s Vice President and Scenic Design Director, had the following to offer:

Both players and fans will feel an elevated experience on the new set. It is a welcoming and flexible space, with areas for a quick and casual chat and others designed for an in-depth discussion, creating a perfect environment to connect with fans with their favorite esports heroes.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. Shortly after launching its IPO, Troika Media Group is already showing that it’s firing on all cylinders. The announcement shows that some of the world’s largest players in media are taking interest in the rebranding and improvement of their services with Troika Media Group at the center of the movement. All in all, if you’re not paying attention to the stock yet, you’re missing out. 

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Disclosure: This article was published as the result of a monetary relationship between CNA Finance and Tradigital IR, a service provider to Troika Media Group.