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Have you been keeping an eye on Twitter stocks today? If so, you’re seeing a break out! In morning trading the company’s stock was on a steady rise toward the top. While the increase has lost a little momentum, we’re still seeing quite a bit of upward growth. So today, we’ll chat about the big news revolving around Twitter that seems to have investors excited and whether or not the excitement and growth will continue for the long run.

Twitter Is Testing Larger Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising is the current big wave when it comes to making money in online advertising. The reality is that with the advent of the smart phone and other mobile devices, more people are browsing the web in the mobile environment today than ever before. Knowing this, Twitter plans on taking a bigger piece of the pie with regard to advertising market cap by testing larger ads that will lead to higher click through rates and more dollars.

Twitter Adds A Quality Feature To Fight Abusive Tweets

When it comes to the social media space, abuse is a major issue. From insults to threats and more, Twitter users and users of other social media platforms tend to see abuse as a major issue. In an effort to make the social platform more of a comfortable place for its users, Twitter is working on a quality filter for tweets that will automatically catch and report abusive language. Abuse isn’t the only thing the quality filter will combat either. They’re also looking into ways to weed out spam and news feed trolls!

More Advancements In Advertising

Twitter recently announced that they have partnered with Foursquare in an attempt to boost advertising revenue. Foursquare is like a mix of social media and a local listing directory all in one. So, the partnership between Twitter and Foursquare will give Twitter the ability to be more precise when it comes to location targeting on ads. Since local advertisements take up a decent portion of all online advertising, this should ramp up revenue by making Twitter more appealing to local advertisers.

Will TWTR Growth Last?

In my opinion, the answer is yes. These three moves aren’t the only big moves that Twitter has made in an effort to increase revenue and make users more happy. As a matter of fact, even though the social network is still fighting with low new user numbers, their revenue seems to grow quarter after quarter; making more money off of the customers they already have. With everything mentioned above, advertising revenue should grow. Also, with Twitter’s agreement to open the Firehose feed to Google, we should start seeing growth in new users too. All in all, I think we’re seeing uptrends from this one!

What Do You Think?

Will Twitter’s stock continue to grow, or is this a short-term uptrend. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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