Two Hot COVID-19 Plays To Watch This Week

Today has been an exciting day in the market thus far, and there are two big plays that I’m watching closely in COVID-19. These are XpresSpa Group Inc (NASDAQ: XSPA) and Humanigen Inc (OTCMKTS: HGEN). Here’s what’s going on:

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XSPA Could Become A Cornerstone In COVID-19 Testing

XpresSpa is a comapny that is known for its spa locations in airports. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the nation, the company announced that it would shift focus to temporarilly transform its airport real estate into testing centers.

Most recently, the company announced that it entered into an agreement with JFK International airport to launch a pilot of its idea. This pilot will provide testing for airport workers, service providers, contractors, TSA agents, and more.

Should all go well, this will likely lead to a domino effect. First JFK International will expand the relationship with XSPA. With one of the biggest airports in the United States jumping on board, others are likely to follow.

As such, you should be watching XSPA stock incredibly closely.

HGEN Stock Could Bring The First Treatment To Market

Lately, we’ve heard quite a bit about COVID-19 vaccines. Some of which are entering the clinic. However, treatments are quite a bit behind. That is, untill an announcement made by HGEN today.

The company announced that it is in the process of raising about $72 million through a private placement. The fact that the company is raising a massive amount of funding is exciting, but it becomes more exciting when we see why the funds are being raised.

HGEN will be using these funds to move forward with a Phase III clinical trial of its treatment option in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. The treatment was designed to prevent and treat cytokine storm, a severe symptom among these patients.

If all goes well, the treatment may greatly reduce the mortality rate of the illness as well as time to recovery. All in all, this is could be a massive opportunity, making HGEN stock one to watch.

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