Stocks Into The Trading WeekINTO THE TRADING WEEK,  30.03.15

As all major indices (DJIA SPX NASDAQ R2K) tumble over 2% with some huge group underperformers via the BIOTECH, NASDAQ: IBB, SEMI’s, NASDAQ: SOXX -10% at the trough and TRANSPORTS this past week, a 4- day trading week ahead can’t hurt, right?. Unfortunately the underwhelming week of ECO DATA has made the NFP# all that more important and it comes out on a non-trading day this upcoming week. The market may potentially lay an egg once trading desks fill back up post holidays and there may only be repositioning this week making for a ho-hum week/ month end/Q end environment.

This past week we saw a YPT premise here of BAD NEWS is GOOD NEWS and vis a versa losing its lustre as predicted. If the market receives inline ECO #’s it may not be good enough as FED hike expectations will be pushed slowly back to June off the data. In all the 1st Q of 2015 will likely end in a whimper with US equities (SPX) flat for the Q1 with a mixed prognosis to start Q2 with Economic and Earnings making for such. Luckily for us at YPT, Q1 was great..

“..a blow out earnings season at YPT..”..In Q1’15, YPT alerted multiple SMID’s, which rocked +15-35% post calls. They included ( NASDAQ: PAHC, NYSE: NOW NYSE: PAYC  NYSE: QTWO NASDAQ: IPGP NASDAQ: FEYE) and more in YPT Premium as you know. Just last week, 3 more YPT top stocks knocked it out of the park, ( NASDAQ: AVGO here since $38, NYSE: NYSE: CRM blow out and NASDAQ: CSGP). All these listed stocks were on our sites SHADOWLIST top ~40 (public) tab entering 2015.”..++’GAPS and GO” in NASDAQ: NFLX NYSE: HAR  NASDAQ: AMZN  NASDAQ: GOOG  NASDAQ: AAPL ..”

.and Q2 expectations are more of the same as our trading methodology (a decade) surrounds single stock names in the SMID’s predominately around earnings reports. The fact these YPT plays have little FX exposure vs. the Large cap multi nationals makes for another bumper crop of plays possible in Q2’15.  So, hold your horses as making money on single stocks picks is just important as not losing the money with broad indexes along the way.

Here at YPT, its a ‘LEAD’ service not a recap/review!. Our readers follow our extensive trading desk experience and lead in recognizing daily event upside/ downside risks ahead of each trading day. YPT bridges the gap between the retail-investor / trader and the institutional players by filtering out the noise, abundance of information (good or bad) generated through the media/ Internet…5X a week before 8:30am every trading day…A few recent examples/excerpts from YPT morning calls…

Last week stocks fell on the week due to underwhelming ECO data, BAD news was no longer GOOD news as we recently pointed out this streak would end soon”…Despite the soft retail late last week, bad news is not taking the June Hike off the table despite the market attempts to make bad into good!. The fact this phenomenon and its gains were erased within 24hrs, makes it likely this trade is running thin. The scrap of ‘Patient’ to the FOMC word heap is seemingly inevitable…”

YPT morning note (20.03) to readers proceeded the IBB / Biotech peak the same day: “….the 20% move had little to do with the ‘FROTH’ in the biotech group today. The froth in our list is likely the ONCE BLUE ZSPH types, not the ILMN NVRO ANIK types. All in, they will all likely take a swoon in the next valuation dump, so don’t get carried away..”

DID YOU FALL FOR THE so-called CLEAN IWM / Small Cap breakout?….“…Also in focus here is if it’s a ‘DIFFERENT BOWL, SAME SOUP? scenario with Small Caps breaking out and signalling a new leg higher. By ‘same soup’ or not we mean is this time going to be different then the previous 2 times this year (late Dec into Jan and Feb again) where IWM/RUT were ‘supposedly’ breaking out as well. Interestingly both times, YPT called the 2 trips a short term top with our market gauge leading as in the opposite direction of the chartists views just before NYE’15 and after with our ‘Wall of Worry’ case coming to fruition in the latest fail that saw market drop to SPX 2040.”


“.. The only slight hesitation is this breakout smells like end of February move to the S&P top off a dovish FED and Greece agreements+(Merkel involvement +ve )….



“.. The only slight hesitation is this breakout smells like end of February move to the S&P top off a dovish FED and Greece agreements+(Merkel involvement +ve )….


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