Vitality Biopharma (VBIO) Publishes Novel Cannaboside Manuscript


Vitality Biopharma, on Wednesday, announced that the company has published a scientific manuscript that details internal research efforts including the discovery and production of cannabinoid glycosides.

VBIO, a company that CNA Finance featured last month, is a cutting edge cannabis company that is geared toward producing cannabinoid treatments to address both neurological and inflammatory disorders. Differentiating themselves from others in the space, however, is that VBIO is advancing their own novel and targeted therapies through the combination of enzymatic glycosides and cannabinoid compounds, which are referred to as cannabosides.

Data In The VBIO Manuscript

The scientific manuscript, which was published in bioRxiv’s Biochemistry section on New Results, a publication that focuses on advances in life sciences research, details VBIO’s scientific pathways being taken toward the discovery of a multi-functional plant enzyme from Stevia rebaudiana, as well as an ability to produce a diverse class of cannabinoid compounds known as cannabinoid glycosides, or cannabosides.

VBIO is working to establish its premise that small molecule glycosylation, which is being increasingly recognized by both pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, can be a reliable means to alter the solubility and stability of drug compounds. The glycosylation may prove to enable prodrug development strategies that extend patent life of existing technologies, improve the bio-availability of existing medications, and reduce side effects by having the ability to offer a direct and targeted method of drug delivery.

The Difference Is In The Science

While most pharmaceutical companies have traditionally utilized chemical synthesis methodology, it’s being found that chemical glycosylation is often ineffective due to the need for complex multistep synthetic routes that deliver inadequate yields. Since 2013, VBIO has been conducting research to overcome this hurdle and has developed an efficient means of glycosylation through enzymatic biosynthesis. Since that time, the VBIO scientific team has applied the enzymatic biosynsthesis process toward cannabinoids, including cannabidiol and THC, and has created a new class of cannabinoid glycosides, cannabosides.

VBIO hopes to advance and protect its intellectual property, covering a broad aspect of cannabinoids, prodrugs and cannbodsides, and to date has over 20 composition of matter claims for cannbinoid glycoside compounds.

VBIO Keeps Moving On

Despite the naysayers that have doubt as to the ability of most any small, but innovating companies to advance meaningful science, VBIO is on track to proving them wrong. The share price has more than doubled during the previous month and investors may be able to further capitalize on VBIO’s ability to perpetuate its development programs through several means, inclusive of licensing, partnerships, and general financing methods available to the company. As the industry continues to expand, opportunities for promising companies will not be difficult to secure.

For now, VBIO continues to do what they promised, delivering upon building additional strength within their cannaboside technology and working to strengthen their IP portfolio. VBIO may not become an overnight success story, but as long as the company continues to put the proper pieces in place to achieve what can be a massive long term prize, investors should not be too concerned with the ebb and flow of daily trading.

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