Vitro Diagnostics (VODG) Stock: A Strong Pick On COVID-19 News

Recently, Vitro Diagnostics (VODG) made it to our watchlist and we were pretty excited to share the story with you. The company, with a strong history in the development of stem cells for use in therapeutic options, as a potential treatment for critically ill COVID-19 patients that seems to be overwhelmingly promising. 

We’re glad we started watching when we did. On Tuesday, Vitro announced positive results from a critically ill COVID-19 patient that was treated with its AlloRx Stem Cells. The data was overwhelmingly positive, with the AlloRx Stem Cells essentially saving the patient’s life. The success rested on Vitro’s unique proprietary knowledge and capabilities achieved over many years of research and refinement of utilizing stem cell therapy across a wide range of applications.  

VODG Rocketed After Announcing Positive Results

On Tuesday Vitro Diagnostics announced the results of treatment of a critically ill COVID-19 patient with its AlloRx Stem Cells. The results proved to be extraordinarily positive. However, before we get to the results, the state of the patient before treatment with the stem cell product should be addressed. 

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