Wall Street’s Early 4th of July, Markets On Fire Highs

Stocks are on fireMarch Madness is upon us, BABY!!!!! And Wall Street is showing its excitement. Stocks and major indicies soared to historical heights yet again. The Dow Jones Industrial index is the best performer today up +121.47 points as of 10:53 A.M., EST here in the Big Apple. The DOW is currently sitting at 18,245.17. The S&P isn’t too far behind, trailing up +8.71 points to 2,113.21. The NASDAQ is appreciating its nice gains up +32.98 points to 4,996.50. Oh, hello 5K.

Did SMM mention that Villanova is going to dominate in the tournament? I think Wall Street agrees. Let us know who you think below in the comment section! Or hit us on Twitter @MarketMonitors and King Stock.

Not getting ahead of ourselves, we’ll take a quick look at the foreign markets. In Asia, the Nikkei 225 booked a nice day up some +28.94 points to end the session at 18,826.88. The Hang Seng also chalked up some nice work adding +64.15 points to its cause ending at 24,887.44. The asian markets are showing resiliency, unwilling to flounder. In Europe, the FTSE 100 index is down after changing direction, currently down -13.11 points to 6,933.55. Meanwhile the CAC 40 index is falling hard, down -40.04 points to 4,911.44. The DAX is giving back its gains as well down -2.07 points to 11,399.59 at the moment.

Metals are mixed with Gold down to 1211.00 up 4.7/oz today so far. Silver is down .03/cents oz. to 16.59. Platinum is now up 4.30/oz to 1190.90 and Palladium is up 11.9/oz to 832.50.

Oil is turning the corner from its plummet, up 50.15 currently from 48.85 earlier today. Crude is currently up +.39 cents, .78% on the session. NYMEX Nat. Gas is up .01/cent MMBtu to 2.75, up .48% today. Buying and holding oil investments is said to be a wise decision at the moment.

Wise decisions are fun, but everyone loves Penny Stocks. Here’s some of the hottest Penny Stocks that SMM is watching today! One stock that has had the attention of investors for a few sessions now and is looking for a MAJOR BREAK TO THE UPSIDE is Herborium Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:HBRM). The stock struck .0009 and eye’d up .001 over the last couple of sessions and set a giant buy order on the bid right at the close Friday looking for some 27M shares. Today, the stock was banging on the .001 door ready to bust it down. HBRM has traded 108M shares so far this session. The stock is on fire and just released amazing earning stating the company is up on sales 73% from last year. Watch for this stock to make a serious break out.

DEWM is another one that really surged in Thursday’s morning session closing off with sheer strength at .004. The stock floundered on Friday’s session closing down -13.75% to .0034. The stock maintains it’s upward chart-oriented movement. Watch for this one to make some potential moves.

ERBB is a stock that has been of interest to us and many followers. The stock is flirting with sub-penny land now and continues to mark fresh 52-week lows in what seems to be almost every session. However, watch for this thing to bottom out hard and come back with a nice trend reversal sometime very soon. Keep in mind this stock had a run to .113 cents with it’s 52-week high coming in on March 25, 2014. Wonder how long till we hit a buck?

Another fire hot penny stock to watch is Cephas Holding Corp., (OTC:CEHC). The stock is up a ridiculous 15-% in today’s session alone with a low of .0006 and a high of .0015 where it currently rests.

We’ll continue to watch the entire Pot Stock Sector as well as things appear to be heating up and the game is attracting much deserved attention. The media and daily movements are without question helping the cause. Check out MarijuanaHempStocks.com for more coverage on the Marijuana and Hemp stock sectors. And be sure to follow us here for the hottest and latest breaking trends and news!

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