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Warrior Trading ReviewJeff at Warrior Trading has been a weekly contributor for a few weeks now and CNA Finance readers are loving what he has to say. So, I reached out to him about doing a review of his website and the service his team provides. Needless to say, he responded openly which is why I’m here writing this today. Jeff recently opened the system up to me and offered me the opportunity to not only learn about, but actually use what Warrior Trading has to offer. With that said, here’s what I’ve found…

What Is Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is a very interesting concept. The website is run by Jeff and Ross; both of whom I would consider to be experts in the field of swing trading, day trading, and making money in the market in general. The team spends their day analyzing the market and pinpointing opportunities for massive profits. Then, they share the information with their users. They also offer training courses, chat rooms, and far more…we’ll go over all of that in a bit!

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What Warrior Trading Has To Offer

Warrior trading has several tools and tidbits of data that can give you an upper hand in the market. These tools are divided into four categories…

Day Trading

  • Live Chat Room – The live chat room is exactly what you would expect when you click on the button. It is a live streaming room where members of Warrior Trading chat about the trades their making in the market; creating a social environment where traders can pick up tips, tricks, and trade ideas from others who are making money in the market.

  • Day Trade Watch List – Day Trade Watch List is a daily publication where Ross and Jeff compile a list of stocks to watch for profitable opportunities.

  • Getting Started – Getting started is a document designed for those who are not only new to Warrior Trading, but new to day trading in general. The document offers tips, tricks, and data on market schedules and more!

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Swing Trading

  • Open Swing Trades – In the open swing trades section, you’ll find details on all of the open trades that Warrior Trading currently has. Not only do they offer up their positions, Jeff and Ross also provide detailed explanations as to why they have decided to open the trade and what to look for in the market for more opportunities like them. I also like the fact that in the rare case that they make an improper prediction, they analyze what went wrong and explain it all to their members!

  • Swing Watch List – The Swing Watch List is a list of stocks that the warriors are watching for future opportunities.

  • SMS Alerts – If something happens in the market, the faster you know about it, the better your chances are of earning a profit from the occurrence. Warrior Trading offers text message alerts to their users to give them the heads up when profitable opportunities make themselves available.

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Day Trading Course

  • Classroom – The warriors offer an hour long day trading course Monday through Friday from 4:00 to 5:00 PM for 2 weeks of each month. These courses are designed to turn beginners into traders and traders into experts!

  • Course Recordings – Do you have a schedule that prevents you from being able to take advantage of the courses live? Don’t worry! They’re all recorded and offered to users at their convenience.

  • Trading Strategies – Do you want to learn more about strategies that you can employ to increase profits and reduce risk when trading? Warrior trading offers a list of written trading strategies that you can employ to become more successful in the market.

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Swing Trading Course

  • Classroom – If you’re looking to learn about swing trading, this is a great place to do it. For two weeks out of each month, the warriors give an hour long training course about swing trading from 4:00 to 5:00 PM. As with the day trading, this course is designed to turn newbies into swing traders and swing traders into experts!

  • Course Recordings – Don’t worry, if you’re not available for the live training, the courses are recorded and available to members at their leisure.

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When it comes to pricing, I wouldn’t say that Warrior Trading is cheap, but I can say that the added gains in the market are well worth the costs. They currently offer a 7 day free trial followed by a paid subscription which can be heavily discounted with an annual membership. Here’s how the pricing works…

  • Monthly – $99

  • Quarterly – $249

  • Annually – $899

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Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m incredibly impressed with what the guys at Warrior trading have created. The reality is that as traders, we need tools, data, and insights to be as profitable as possible. While those tools do come at a cost, many are well worth having; and I would consider the tools provided by Warrior Trading to be in the well worth the cost category!


  1. Great review Josh! I couldn’t be happier at Warrior Trading. As many, I bounced around from chatroom to chatroom thinking I was learning. Finally I found Ross and Jeff, and now I can proudly say my swing trades are successful and my day trading has never been more profitable. This is the place to be if you’re serious about learning how to trade sustainably with strategies you can learn. It will never work if you don’t put in the effort, but at Warrior Trading the assistance, mentoring and education they provide is unmatched. The service/education from Warrior Trading turned me consistently profitable, and is truly the best value i’ve came across in years of trading.

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