What’s The Purpose | Why Most Bloggers Fail #7

Hey everyone and welcome to the seventh tip in the series Why Most Bloggers Fail. As always, thank you so much for all of the support you’ve shown for this series. I’ve really had a great time with it so far and I’m loving the conversations it’s creating. Today, we’re going to talk about purpose, but before we do, we’ve got an MVP to congratulate!

This Week’s PF MVP – Debt Debs

OK, so if you haven’t been there yet, you have to make your way over to Debt Debs. Her quirky, fun loving, inspiring nature shows in every piece of her blog. That includes the WP description…

Personal Debt Wrangler…Had my head in the sand…but no more!

With out of the box views, an incredible talent at conveying her thoughts and emotions through her writing, and a genuine care for her audience; Debs has created something truly spectacular. Thanks for the great reads Debster, and congratulations!

Does Your Blog Have Purpose?

We’ve talked about several different factors associated with quality content so far. However, we’ve left the most important topic out. Is there a purpose? If so, what is it? If not….if you want to be successful, you better find one! When people visit a blog, they don’t visit that blog just for information. If they want information, they can find that one one of the hundreds of millions of educational websites online! The reason people are going to come back to your blog is because you blog with a purpose… Although there’s no limits when it comes to what you can talk about on your own personal blog, it’s incredibly important that the readers of your blog are easily able to figure out the purpose for its existence. For instance, let’s take a look at the MVPs in the CNA Finance Hall of Fame so far….

Will @ First Quarter Finance – When you go to First Quarter Finance, you’re not going for orthodox, boring financial information. That’s because will has made it a point to make the purpose for his blog known. He wants to show you that being responsible with your money isn’t only easy, it can be fun. He’s not just blogging, he’s blogging with purpose…and that shows!

Laurie @ The Frugal Farmer – OK, if you don’t know it, Laurie is one of my blogging Idols. I only have 3 of them so that’s really saying a lot. Her blog has an awesome purpose. She wants to show you that taking on the frugal lifestyle is incredibly rewarding; and that you’re not alone. She posts tips about everything from managing your budget to cleaning your chicken coop, canning your fresh grown fruits and veggies, and more. Through practicing what she preaches with regard to frugal and sustainable living, and sharing her stories with the world, she’s really opened my eyes to several things; and makes me keep coming back for more.

Debs @ Debt Debs – Debt Debs is an amazing blogger who proves that even after nearly a quarter million dollars worth of oblivious spending, it’s still possible to be happy, fun, quirky; and most importantly, to work to get out of debt. Debs has an absolutely amazing story and has decided to share it with her audience.

Finding Your Purpose

If you’re one of the newer bloggers just writing about financial topics; hoping that you’ll make a little cash flow, it’s time to change the way you think about how blogging works. More importantly, it’s time for you to find your purpose. You know, your purpose for writing, your purpose for educating, and most importantly your purpose for your readers to come back time and time again. Here are a few tips that can help…

Tip #1: What’s Your Passion – Believe it or not, you don’t have to be passionate about finance to make it in the personal finance blogosphere. After all, Laurie is passionate about self sustenance, about raising her amazing children, and about being an awesome wife! Although she ties these things to finance, I wouldn’t say that her first passion is finance. Yours doesn’t need to be either. If it’s cars, if it’s pictures, no matter what it is; it’s time to find your passion!

Tip #2: Create A Plan – Once you’ve found your passion, you’ve found the best way to give your blog purpose…including that passion in your posts. Now it’s time to create a plan for doing so. For instance, I’m passionate about building a family and being an awesome daddy when I do. So, you’ll find in posts that I talk about Ana quite a bit, I talk about our wedding savings, our dates, and much more! Now, all you need to do is come up with a plan to include your passion in your posts. It doesn’t have to be in every one of them, but reminding your readers of your purpose at least once a week is important.

Tip #3: Don’t Overdo It – When you read Will’s blog, he’s not beating you down with his love for simple, Debs doesn’t remind you of the mistakes she’s made in the past every day; and if Laurie talked about chickens every day, no one would follow The Frugal Farmer! With that said, when writing your posts, don’t overdo the passion side of things. Make sure your readers know the purpose for your blog, but also try to balance that with the quality, detailed information needed to properly convey the overall lesson.

CNA Finance PF MVP Nominees

As you may know by now, it’s time to announce the nominees for this week’s CNA Finance, Personal Finance MVP award. Congrats again to Debt Debs for taking the award home this week. To vote for next week’s MVP, simply let me know who your MVP is in the comments below or by sending an email to [email protected]

Marie from Gen Y Finances – If you haven’t been to Gen Y Finances yet, it’s definitely time to make your way over there. Marie has put together an incredible resource; and provides me with a ton of great reads…the good news is, they’re there for you too!

Natalie from Finance Girl – I get a real kick out of a lot of Natalie’s posts. What I like most about her posts is that she’s not afraid to tell you how things really are. She writes in a style that makes it fun to read and does everything she can to provide value to her readers…she’s awesome!

Brit from My Stay At Home Adventures – Are you into coupons? If so, you’re going to love My Stay At Home Adventures. Between awesome posts about her life, Brit publishes tons of coupons for every day things.

27 thoughts on “What’s The Purpose | Why Most Bloggers Fail #7”

  1. Great advice Josh, blogging with purpose is important. For me I blog, because I want people to watch their money, AKA the blog title. Whether it be paying off debt, saving or investing wisely. I mix in random money topics and some personal spending posts from time to time.

    • Hey El, thanks for swinging by. You definitely blog with purpose at Money Watch. I’m glad to see so many bloggers doing it!

  2. Wow, I’m truly humbled by your words about my blog, Josh. You get me. I’d also really like to thank those that voted for me because I was nominated along with two blogs I both read and love, Shoeaholicnomore.com and PracticalCents.com. They, along with every blog I read provide great inspiration and ideas to keep me moving along. Thank you so much!!

    • Hey Debs, it’s my pleasure…you really deserve it! All 3 nominees were great, but you got the most votes! Thanks for swinging by!

    • My pleasure will! Thanks for your vote, looks like Natalie is taking a landslide victory in this one. She’s already up to over 50 votes!

  3. Hey Josh, I think your tips on finding your purpose are very useful. I like the way you broke it down using the three MVP blogger as examples. It helps us see how to implement the strategy. Thanks and congrats to Deb, Laurie and Will!

  4. Huge congrats, Deb – you deserve it!! It was another tough choice this week, but I’m going to have to vote for Brit at My Stay at Home Adventures. She’s been a major league support for us since the beginning of our journey.

    More great tips here, Joshua. An absolutely fantastic series!

  5. Thanks for this wonderful post. I liked it thoroughly. I loved the post, in short. I completely agree that choosing niche topic is extremely important. In addition, defining ideal reader is that more important. When I started Blogging I initially thought that defining my target audience and selecting a topic as same. However, only after 2-3 months I realized that catering to the needs of audience is important but more important is to select who your target audience are. Another most important thing I’ve realized is that Google prefers those researched write-ups or information that adds value to its target audience. So, being original always pays, ultimately catering to the needs of user and therefore increasing user experience.

  6. Thanks for the great advice, Joshua! Being new to blogging I’m still learning the ins and outs of it.

    You’re absolutely right about Will and and Debs, that’s why I enjoy reading their stuff. (I’ve only found Laurie half an hour ago, but I’m sure she’s as awesome as you make her out te be!)


    • Hey No More Waffles, my pleasure, I hope you get a ton out of this series. Trust me, you’re going to absolutely love Laurie, she rocks! Thanks for swinging by!

  7. Great post Josh. All three nominees for MVP this week are deserving of the award but my vote goes Natalie at FinanceGirl. I look forward to her posts every week!

    • Hey Tony, thanks for swinging by. I agree all 3 nominees are great…thanks for your vote! See ya around!

    • Thanks Even Steven! I really enjoy doing it! It’s neat to get all the emails with the votes and why they’re voting. I’m loving it!

  8. I really like your tips! I agree that blogging has gotten easier as my own passions and goals have become clearer. And as much as I love writing about the intersection of personal finance and the arts, I’m sure if I just rambled all the time about how stage manager’s don’t get paid enough, no one would be interested in reading it!

  9. Josh, I just found and read your Why Most Bloggers Fail posts and they are great advice. As a brand new blogger, identifying the purpose and getting personal were the two that most spoke to me, but all of them are very useful. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and passing on your knowledge. And thank you for leading me to so many other great blogs as well.


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