Who Buys Cars That Don’t Start?

Have you had a car sitting in your drive way that wont start for some time? How about a car that you knew was going to die on you, and has finally decided to kick the bucket? Well, if this sounds like something that you’ve experienced, chances are that you are now in the market to sell your junk car. Selling a car that doesn’t run starts with finding a buyer. So, who exactly buys cars that don’t start? We’ll, there’s a pretty extensive list of potential customers. Here are some of the most common:

sell your car that doesn't run

  1. One of the first things that you may think when it’s time to get rid of a vehicle that’s not running is “I’ll sell the car to a junk yard” and for good reason. At the end of the day, junk yards are the customers that will move as fast as possible, and provide cash in the process. In fact, most junk yards will come out with cash in hand to pick up your unwanted vehicle within a day or two. So, if you’re looking for convenience, this may just be the best way to go. However, be prepared, junk yards don’t necessarily pay top dollar for cars that don’t start.
  2. If you’ve gotten a few quotes from junk yards and don’t necessarily like what you see, you may want to consider listing your junk car for sale on a website that attracts industry professionals that may be willing to pay you more. While this will generally take a bit more time, the transaction will also likely be far more lucrative. At the moment, there aren’t many of these types of options out there. However, there is one, and our readers have been very happy with the service they provide. The company is known as Peddle. They will not only buy your car outright, but if you don’t like their offer, you have the opation to list it for sale at a higher price!
  3. An enthusiast that owns the same type of car you do and is rebuilding it may want your junk enough to pay top dollar for it! So, depending on what you have to sell, it may be a good idea to sell your car to someone that needs it for parts. While you may think that finding a buyer is going to be difficult, the truth is that it probably won’t be, as long as your offer is reasonable. All you need to do is list your junk car for sale on websites like Craigslist or Facebook’s Buy, Sell, Trade! Once your car is listed, simply wait for someone to show interest.
  4. If the car you are selling was your primary source of transportation, you’re going to have to get a new one. One thing we know about buying cars is that salesmen at dealerships are hungry to make that sale, and many of them will be willing to do anything to make it happen. So, instead of selling your car, you may want to¬†trade in your car that’s not working as a down payment for one that is. While not all car dealerships will accept a car that doesn’t run as a trade in, many do. Call around in your area, you might be surprised.
  5. Another option is to take the car apart. While this will take some time and effort, car parts aren’t necessarily the cheapest thing in the world, and if you have the ability to disassemble your car it will likely be more lucrative to sell your car piece by piece. Simply start to take the car apart, clean the parts as they come out of the car, take pictures, and list them for sale on Craigslist or Buy, Sell, Trade. While this will require the most effort on your part, it will also likely be the most profitable way to go about selling your car.

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