Why Leafbuyer (LBUY) Stock Is A Superior Cannabis Industry Investment Choice

Leafbuyer LBUY Stock NewsFor the past five years, investors have been bombarded with promises from cannabis industry stocks that offered high flying promises and overstated expectations. Ultimately, many investors were left holding the bags of worthless stock certificates and substantial losses. However, not all cannabis stocks should be rolled together.

Leafbuyer (OTCQB: LBUY), for instance, is an emerging and legitimate company that brings with them an outstanding potential for both near and long-term capital appreciation. Thus, for investors that pay attention to the adoption rate of LBUY’s services and user platform, the rewards may be sizable.

Leafbuyer Presence Is Strong And Growing

Unlike unidimensional competitors, Leafbuyer is not only providing a service for industry clients to advertise, but they are also leveraging their infrastructure to facilitate an all-in-one advertising platform that will offer dispensaries powerful tools to maximize their profits and exposure. And, it does not take long for clients to see the benefits. In fact, immediately after signing up to the LBUY program, clients are permitted a digital presence on Leafbuyer.com –  whereby the website’s growing user base gets treated to current and extensive exposure to some of the cannabis industry’s most popular sites and publications, including Grasscity and The Voice Media Group. Also benefiting Leafbuyer, each of these sites prominently features LBUY’s local deals and dispensary information.

However, while getting included in major publications is an advantage, investors should not discount the fact that the Leafbuyer.com website itself records an estimated 700,000 visits per month, and the Leafbuyer Network reaches an additional 8 million users in total. Thus, when investors take the time to evaluate realistic opportunities in the cannabis sector, LBUY emerges as an example of a budding investment opportunity. And, there are several reasons why.

Leafbuyer Job Board Sparks Interest

The Leafbuyer.com job board is a defining advantage for the company. Currently, the job board features more than 4,000 job-related opportunities for both industry professionals and job seekers alike. The lists range from professional services to entry-level positions on an industry-wide basis, generating massive traffic from a broad range of website users. Notably, the LBUY job board posts opportunities outside of the United States, providing leads to Canadian companies that are also seeking qualified candidates to fill open positions. Such a feature is a distinct competitive advantage to LBUY, as most of its competitors fail to adequately cover only the United States – making the Leafbuyer reach considerably more potent to users of that feature. But, the job board is just one competitive advantage for LBUY. The growing blog page is generating significant interest from users as well.

A Growing Blog Presence

Not only is LBUY building a significant footprint in the industry through its job board feature, but the company is also generating a substantial amount of blog postings related to industry news.

LBUY recently updated their blog page which is receiving roughly 500,000-page views per month. Keeping in mind that the site is reaching more than 700,000 unique visits per month, the blog section is expected to grow in step with user visits. The LBUY blog section provides industry related news, breaking legal analysis, and legislative updates to its audience specific to the cannabis industry. Additionally, the feature offers useful articles and commentary about the benefits of cannabis, from medicinal benefit to the cultivation variations getting advanced in the industry.

The growth in the blog feature on the LBUY website not only drives traffic to the site, but it provides a “sticky” aspect to the website and becomes the primary source of readers to get informed and updated to real-time news and data. The blog also keeps viewers informed of client deals and promotions, which get listed within the blog section in a directed link.

With security and the protection of personal data a significant issue in the cannabis sector, incorporating blockchain technology is a valuable and competitive asset for LBUY.

LBUY Incorporates Blockchain

Although the word “blockchain” has become a buzzword in the investment world, LBUY is actually incorporating its benefits. Unlike those that hype the word, LBUY is utilizing the advancing technology to strengthen its infrastructure.

The implementation of blockchain will allow LBUY to track online-to-offline traffic, and the advantage of generating that information is expected to lead toward increased revenues for their clients by providing a level of analytics that has previously not been available. Additionally, blockchain technology offers a secure network for transactions, which will become an integral part of the security and quality features for transaction data on the LBUY network. The blockchain technology may further strengthen the benefits of its web traffic as LBUY secures its position as one of the most extensive consumer databases in the cannabis industry.

Follow The Strong Leaders At Leafbuyer.com

Strong leadership can deliver results, and LBUY is packed with talent. Leafbuyer is led by former Micron Technology Vice-President, Kurt Rossner, an entrepreneurial-success story who built and sold his start-up internet hosting business for more than $15 million before focusing on LBUY. The company’s COO and Vice President of Business Development is Mark Breen, who previously served as a Sales Executive and Manager with CBS and NBC Networks and was awarded the Innovative Sales Award from CBS, as well as generating more than $10 million in start-up business revenues. Mr. Breen oversees day to day operations, and working closely with Mr. Rossner, LBUY can respond to industry updates to make smart and prudent business decisions to develop their brand and adapt to the competitive and legislative environment.

As of March 2018, the LBUY user base exceeds 340 industry clients in Colorado, California, Washington, and Oregon. The growth from its platform currently accounts for roughly 25% market penetration in Colorado and low single digits in other states – allowing for significant growth opportunity in the coming months and years. Additionally, the growth in Leafbuyer’s client base has produced a considerable rise in brand recognition, which LBUY intends to leverage to facilitate growth in other high-traffic markets and states where cannabis use is permitted.

Investors can expect LBUY to roll out online ordering during the first half of 2018, a service that will further differentiate Leafbuyer from its competition and offer an additional source of revenue to the company- a potential and massive opportunity for revenue growth. Next, LBUY is working to expand its product portfolio through both acquisitions and partnerships, taking advantage of industry growth as more states join the move toward legalization of cannabis use. In that respect, investors should stay tuned for announcements, any of which can provide a catalyst to significantly increase shareholder value.

Industry Growth Is Rolling Forward- LBUY Will Benefit

There can be no more denying the fact that the cannabis industry is in full-on growth mode. And, not only will the industry benefit from the momentum of legalization initiatives, LBUY itself is positioned to take advantage of significant business opportunities by targeting growers, users, and marketers alike.

Leafbuyer is emerging as a different type of industry provider, and they are continuing to build a comprehensive platform of solutions for the cannabis industry that is not only expected to drive shareholder value higher, but also solidifies their position to take advantage of opportunities that develop in the future. With Leafbuyer currently trading at roughly $1.64 a share, the company, with its extensive platform already experiencing substantial growth and adoption, the stock price appears to be significantly undervalued and ripe for growth.

When comparing LBUY to others in the industry, the potential for the LBUY platform of services to become the leading and most comprehensive source to find cannabis deals, comparisons, and distributor information in the United States, and potentially Canada, is likely. Thus, following the investment adage that share price inevitably follows fundamentals, the current low share price of LBUY may be short-lived.

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