Yahoo (YHOO) Stock: Who Will Acquire The Company?

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO)

Yahoo has been struggling in the market for quite some time now, and for good reason. The reality is that the current CEO of the company is doing a horrible job, and thanks to her, we’re seeing drastic declines in just about every indication of user growth. As a result, Yahoo has announced that it will be auctioning off its company, and the auction is getting rather interesting. Today, we’ll talk about who’s leading the auction, who has dropped out of the auction, and everything you need to know about the upcoming YHOO acquisition. So, let’s get right to it…

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Who’s Leading Up The YHOO Auction?

According to a recent report from International Business Times, Verizon is the company leading the charge in the auction for Yahoo. At the moment, Verizon is the largest wireless provider in the United States. However, the company isn’t planning on stopping there. In fact, while Verizon is maintaining its wireless service business very well, the company is also focusing on new efforts in mobile video and advertising. In fact, just last June, Verizon acquired AOL in a deal worth $4.4 billion. Now, the company is eyeing YHOO and, based on recent reports, it seems as though Verizon is going to be the company to purchase the struggling internet giant.

Who Has Opted Out Of The YHOO Auction?

While Verizon and some others are showing strong interest in purchasing Yahoo, there have been a few companies that have already decided to opt out of the auction. Surprisingly, Google’s parent company, Alphabet was one of these companies. In the beginning of the YHOO auction, more than 40 firms had expressed interest in owning Yahoo. However, that number seems to be dwindling down. Recently, Time, Comcast, AT&T, and Alphabet have decided to opt out of the auction. The big reason these companies have opted out is simple. While there haven’t been many statements from the companies with regard why they have opted out, I think the writing is on the wall here. The current CEO of the company has essentially punched a hole in the bottom of the ship. Now, whatever company decides to acquire YHOO is going to have to patch the hole while staying afloat, and it’s going to be hard work. Essentially, these companies are interested in putting the effort forth that it would require to save YHOO.

So, Who Will Be The Buyer?

If I had to give my opinion right now, I would say that it’s a toss up between Verizon and Alibaba. On the Verizon side of the coin, the company is working to move more toward online media and advertising in order to expand its horizons. After all, the company has already taken control of the wireless services industry in the United States. With AOL owned, adding Yahoo to the list would be a great move! On the other hand, Alibaba has expressed interest in Yahoo for quite some time, and would likely benefit greatly if they decided to purchase the company. Alibaba would be happy to use YHOO technology, and considering the genius behind the company, Jack Ma, I’d imagine that if Alibaba acquired YHOO, they would have no problem turning things around. Nonetheless, regardless of who actually acquires YHOO, there are going to be some big changes, and I’m excited to see what the end result turns out to be.

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What Do You Think?

Who will buy YHOO? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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