Yougevity International (YGYID) Stock: Expands Services Division

Youngevity International, a company that CNA Finance highlighted last week, announced that the company had expanded its “services division” by adding Identity Theft, Credit Monitoring, Virtual Tech Support, and Data Storage services.

The addition of these services compliments the growing portfolio of products at YGYID, which has surpassed the 5000 mark for unique items offered through a direct-sales model.

The Services Division at YGYID was launched last year and spurred by the acquisition of David Allen Capital which represents a variety of lenders that offer specialized lending services to small businesses. Since the acquisition of DAC, the company has arranged more than $8 million of loans to independent businesses throughout the United States.

David Rutz, Vice President of Global Services, commented, “Our goal is to provide a full lineup of business and residential services that will either introduce simplicity and convenience to our customers or savings on services they are already using.” He added, “We expect to release the newly announced services later this year and have several additional services in the due diligence process. We expect to continue to expand our product offering as we leverage the growth taking place within Youngevity’s customer and distributor base.”

David Briskie, President, and CFO of YGYID is also optimistic about the growth in the company’s services division. “We are enthusiastic about our Services Division and the potential it provides for revenue growth without the dependence of inventory management. Our Services further accentuate the unique nature of our Omni-Direct business model, and we believe this new suite of products are a great addition to this exciting category.”

As CNA Finance covered last week, we find the niche that YGYID is serving to be unique in both business model and approach. Already generating significant revenue through its direct-sale model, the company is on track to extend its substantial rise in revenue growth, one that has demonstrated an over 307% increase since 2012.

Youngevity International

Youngevity International, Inc. is developing its position as a leading omni-direct lifestyle company offering well over 5000 unique products and services through a hybrid of the direct selling business model. The strategy also integrates e-commerce and social media to power its sales platform. Since 2011, YGYID has built a broad portfolio of offerings including sales of products from the six top-selling retail categories that include health and nutrition, home and family, food and beverage (including coffee), spa and beauty, apparel and jewelry, as well as innovative services.

More than just a direct-sale company, YGYID is positioned to benefit from its socially conscious approach to business, dedicating the spirit of the company to remain not only socially responsible but to practice sustainable and renewable business practices.

The stock is thinly traded, and at the current price of $5.50 per share, YGYID offers significant value that is yet to be realized by the markets. We find YGYID to be one of those under-the-radar stocks that are worthy of investor attention and investment consideration.

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