Youngevity International (YGYI) Stock: Saveur Has Massive Potential!


Youngevity International Inc (NASDAQ: YGYI) recently made an announcement that could become a massive win for the company. The company announced the launch of Saveur Natural Food, which is now available for purchase in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Today, we’ll talk about what Saveur is and the potential it has with regard to driving YGYI toward the top!

YGYI Announces The Launch Of Saveur Natural Food

Saveur is a completely new category for YGYI and has massive potential as consumers start to become more focused on health.

The new Saveur offering is a list of pre-mixed spices. These spices are meticulously sourced by the company’s international product development team. Each of the spices are ETO and PPO free, lab-tested, gluten free, and steam sterilized to ensure high quality. The spice list ranges from different rubs to seasonings, salts, and other mixes. This is all part of the YGYI goal of delivering exceptional nutrition and healthy lifestyle solutions to everyone. In a statement, Dave Briskie, President and CFO at YGYI, had the following to offer with regard to the launch:

“We believe Saveur Natural Foods aligns perfectly with our overall brand identity… This ideal combination of all-natural ingredients and delicious taste should strike the perfect lifestyle balance for our distributors and customers around the world.”

With Saveur, YGYI Is Becoming A Marketing Machine

Ultimately, the Saveur product is just another piece of the lifestyle plan that YGYI is working to create. The plan starts with the base nutrition of their Healthy Body Packs (containing 90 essential nutrients).  It integrates Saveur, which provides gourmet spices to make nutritious meals taste even better It offers options for healthy eating, including the Keto life style. And it incorporates an active online community focused on tips and inspiration to help people achieve their health or weight loss goals. Now that they have the plan, they are leveraging the excitement around Saveur and offering various cross promotional opportunities that will drive sales of Saveur as well as other complimentary products in the line. Here are some of the promotions we’re seeing throughout the rest of the year.

  • Current Promotion – Currently, YGYI is running what they call the 90 For Life promotion or Rev 90 Challenge. This challenge gives consumers the ability to win up to $1,000 and get healthy doing so. Based on the fact that the human body is often deprived of 90 essential nutrients, the company is focused on replenishing these nutrients for its customers and making it fun in the process. To learn more about the Rev 90 Challenge, click here!
  • November/December – While the details of the coming promotion haven’t been released just yet, the CNA Finance team has received word that a promotion will be run through both November and December that focuses on Base nutrition. We’ll keep you posted on exactly what that promotion is as we hear more.
  • January – Finally, in January, YGYI will focus on an entire Healthy Body Challenge Program. Once again, we don’t have much by way of details on this promotion quite yet, but we do know a little bit. The program is going to be focused on weight loss season and how to cook healthy with the help of Saveur.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that with the new Saveur product, YGYI is becoming an even more attractive investment. The product itself is focused on the end consumer’s desire to become more healthy. By incorporating fun promotions into what consumers are already looking for, the company is likely to turn the Saveur brand into a powerhouse of its own. So, keep a close eye on the developments here!

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